Love the forum but I dont post here too often.
I have the full version, a client of mine purchased it for me..

I havent had alot of time to really work with GOS, I usually do my arranging with the Roland JV2080 and orchestral card just for quickies..

I have a contemporary Christian project Im producing for a client, and I have some songs that I sequenced and have some decent string arrangements.. but..

Im looking to pay someone who can really make these strings sing..

What Im looking for is to email the MIDI files and then have you maybe..
take the playing Ive done and optimize the performance for GOS and either record the audio files and burn them on CD.. which I can then import into Nuendo as .wav files...
Or..Optimize the MIDI tracks and set up a .gig so I can call it up in Gigastudio and make my own audio files.

Please contact me at info@brokenrecords.com and let me know what your charge would be and any work I can hear.

These are not tremendously difficult arrangements, but i need something better than Roland strings.. yuk!

There may be alot more down the road for someone who is interested in collaborating and getting paid for it...

Keith Mohr