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Topic: Neno's Fix

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    Neno\'s Fix

    Hi Folks - as a new GStudio user suffering low polyphony with Cubase, I\'m tempted to try Neno\'s \'GSFIX\' utility. All the posts on this were a few months back, so I\'d be really interested to hear how you\'re getting on if you\'ve tried it. Is there ANY chance it could do me some damage? Any viruses to report??

    Many thanks!


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    Re: Neno\'s Fix

    absolutely no risk. works fine if your setup is good. It doesn\'t solve configuration problems, though.
    For more info you can check the RME web site.They sort of explain what the tool does.

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    Re: Neno\'s Fix


    Can you give the URL for this \"RME\" site?


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    Re: Neno\'s Fix

    Access it through a link from the Nemesys website - look up RME in the \'Hardware compatability\' section...

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