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Topic: GOS eq and Impulse test

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    GOS eq and Impulse test

    Hi everyone, I was wanting some feedback on the eq of this piece. I have been experimenting with Impulses and various eq settings to come up with \"the string sound\" [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    My feeling is that this piece sounds too muffled. Later on though, the violins seem to have a nice rich quality to them, not harsh at all.

    Can I get some honest feedback? My ears no longer have any objectivity and other opinions would be appreciated.

    Please don\'t worry about the composition, this is a piece that was created purely for engineering purposes.

    GOS impulse and eq test

    Regards, Scott.

    P.S. As far as the bass section goes I think it is way too loud but I couldnt be bothered remixing and re-rendering. [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: GOS eq and Impulse test

    I would agree that the sound is a bit muffled or dark. Also, the bass IS too loud which makes it hard to do a fair evaluation. Sometimes you want a darker sound for a darker composition such as this.
    Don\'t be afraid to let the lower strings set to the right side of the stage. The low freqs will still eminate as you get away from the speakers but will give a nice image up close.
    I\'ve been having good luck using at least two verbs to increase the realism of my string sections. First, I use a pretty short tiled room sound for a bit of \"studio\" ambience. Then, I use a nice, long, hall sound to put it in the theater.
    Also, if you\'re using stereo samples - don\'t pan them with the pan knob. Bring them up on two seperate faders and achieve your panning with volume controls. Bring down the right level to pan to the left, etc. This way you move the instrument around without losing the stereo imaging.
    Wow, this was more info than you wanted!

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    Re: GOS eq and Impulse test

    I like the colour of the high strings in the end, nice and woody

    First part is way to muffled,maybe try using the same Impulse but different EQ response for cello+bass.


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    Re: GOS eq and Impulse test

    Is this really the GOS impulse? It doesn\'t seem to have any \"air\" or space around it at all really. Which impulse is it and what settings did you use roughly?

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    Re: GOS eq and Impulse test

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I am digesting all of this and trying new things.

    Hasen, you are quite right, it isn\'t a GOS impulse, sorry the title was misleading. It is a Sonic Foundry Hall Impulse. I was trying the GOS impulses but I seemed to be getting a lot of activity in the 1K region, it was coloring the string sound I was trying to achieve.
    Mind you, it could well have been the way I was applying it since I have only just started playing with Impulses period.

    My mp3 should\'ve said something like; \"An impulse and EQ test with GOS\" [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I appreciate everyones feedback and will be following all of your suggestions.

    Thanks, Scott.

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