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Topic: Thin, phasey sound problem

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    Thin, phasey sound problem

    When I use certain instruments (e.g. Cellos Grand detache) in their low register and at quiet levels the sound is phasey and thin. This happens however the sound is generated, whether from a keyboard or a sequencer. I have tried with all effects turned off and have tried to make sure that the sound isn\'t somehow \'double triggered\' but without any improvement.

    Has anyone else experienced similar problems?

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    Re: Thin, phasey sound problem

    you may be hearing noise reduction artifacts.

    I know that they are fairly noticable in the lower dynamics of the cellos. However the sound isn\'t too noticable or distracting in most string choir arrangements/general orchestration

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    Re: Thin, phasey sound problem

    Thanks King . . .

    Is there anything that can be done about this or do I just need to be careful to leave these sounds exposed?

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    Re: Thin, phasey sound problem

    hard to say since I\'m still not exactly sure if this is what you\'re hearing.

    You could try layering some of the new \"bow noise\" patch over these, but I\'m not sure they\'ll help. Some EQ might help too. Maybe you can make an mp3 with comparison\'s between notes you like and notes you dont like.

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