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Topic: New member with a problem...

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    Re: New member with a problem...

    Hi Plink!
    Just had this same problem with Sonar, Maestro Tools, and Giga. Jeff Hurchalla helped alot with getting me going with the set up.

    Check this thread out - I think it will be most helpful:

    When you set up your midi tracks make sure that your out is Maple Midi Out Port 1(or coresponding port you are using in giga. Make sure you chanel of each track is set to the coresponding channel in giga (1-16). Then hopefully all will work ok.

    I\'m rather new to this as well and am totally overwelmed! Like you, I\'m learning day by day with a lot of help from the postings on this sight.

    One other tip - I also have the triton and have spent the last 9 months learning GOS and was just not getting the large wonderfull sound that everyone else was raving over with the library when recording in real time. I tried playing loud and hard and never got more louder than mf at best. Someone else described the same problem in a posting (so I knew I wasn\'t the only one), some GOS wiz responded telling him to change the velocity curve of the keyboard. I did this and it is amazing the change! The power and richness of the strings is now unbelievable!
    So if this becomes a problem try playing with the velocity curve (Triton Parameter Guide - Velocity)
    I really liked the #6 Vel. Curve. However,when playing the sounds(programs) in the triton the defalt #4 curve sounds best- I just switch back and forth.

    Hope this helps.

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    New member with a problem...

    Hello all!

    Well I think I may be the newest (and youngest) member of the group. I am 20 yrs old and have just purchased the advanced gigastudio version of the Garriton Orchestral Strings. After only using it for a few days I can already tell it well benifit me greatly in my song writing. Though I am having a few small problems, (as they say wisdom comes with age, and I am still very young) so I was wondering if any of you wouldnt mind helping out the jr member. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    I have two main problems. First, I can\'t seem to get my midi to reroute through the maestro tools application so I havent been able to use any of the LEG features or anything of that sort. I also cant seem to get my gigastudio to play multiple string samples. I am able to load up two different samples to channels 1 and 2, but only the samples in channel 1 play... Very weird. I know these are pretty dumb questions, but I have read all the manuals and still havent been able to get anything to work out. If someone could even pass me a link to a setup file for gigastudio using the garriton strings that would be helpful.

    I am using Cakewalk Sonar with gigastudio. And I have a midiman Audiophile professional sound card. I have a midi in line running from my Roland keyboard to my computer and a midi in and midi out line running from my Triton Rack to my computer. All of this works fine so I dont think its my hardware setup.

    Thank you in advance for your help and its a pleasure meeting you all.

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    Re: New member with a problem...

    Hi Plink,
    Welcome. I\'d suggest you take a look at the link Tradd provided. I can\'t really add anything to that as far as how to get Maple and Maestro working with Sonar and Gigastudio.

    But before doing anything with Maestro ....
    I\'d suggest for you to get the multiple channels working properly between sonar and gigastudio, since it\'s a more fundamental problem.

    The problems you have with getting sounds to play on multiple channels may be fairly basic, though I\'m not sure. Check in Sonar on your track destined for channel 2 of gigastudio that this track is set to send midi to channel 2. By default I\'m guessing it will be set to channel 1, until you change it. If you\'re using a single track so far, create an additional track and send it to channel 2. Assuming you are not yet using Maple/Maestro, you will be outputting to the Nemesys MidiOuts ports, and I think you probably got this to work fine earlier since you\'re hearing sound on channel 1 at least. However, once you start using Maple, you will have to stop using the NemesysMidiOut ports and switch to using the Maple Ports for your tracks in Sonar.

    Hope this helps,


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    Re: New member with a problem...

    Okay, I got everything to work. After reading the posts suggested. Just to state, I actually had to start my programs in this order to get everything to work. Cakewalk Sonar, Gigastudio, Maestro Tools. Otherwise cakewalk wouldnt notice the midi if i pushed a key on the keyboard. Although it would play the sound through gigastudio.

    But now I have some other issues I was wondering if you o wise ones could help my with. Right now, I run my combined sounds all through midi port 1. So they go from gigastudio to maestro tools and then to sonar all on midi channel 1. Problems is, if I try to make the 4 ports separate and have 1 string sample go through port 1 and one go to port 2 and so on, i only ever hear the port 1 sound and i can only get the gigastudio midi channel 1 to play. I have even tried this without cakewalk even turned on. And i can still only ever use the one midi port 1 in gigastudio. Help!

    thx again.

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