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Topic: GOS in a movie

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    GOS in a movie

    Hi fellow GOS users,

    I\'ve been scoring a low budget movie that has just gone to the Cannes festival (fingers very crossed!), and I have exclusively used GOS for strings. The movie (Emotional Backgammon) is a contemporary hard hitting \'love story\' which goes anything but smoothly. The director wanted to really capture the emotions of the scenes in the way that old movies did, so I tried to give him that.

    I initially thought that GOS would sound too big for what I was after (not the typical \'Hollywood\' sound), but they worked out really well with no EQ, and not too much reverb. They also work really beautifully with the Post Steinway D IMHO!

    Gary is gonna post 2 excerpts on his website soon, but Michiel Post already put them on his site last week . They are on the demo page and are called Emodindemo1 and Emowedemo1. http://www.postmusicalinstruments.com

    Emowedemo1 picks up from the wedding where the girl, having initially decided she doesn\'t want to get married, changes her mind, gets out of the car and starts running to the church. The guy unfortunately thinks he has been left at the altar, guests are leaving the church etc. The music cuts between piano only and piano/strings as the scene cuts from him in the church to her running, sometimes in slow motion. The director was very pleased with the realism of the strings, and I\'m pretty happy as well. What do you guys think?

    Emodindemo1 picks up from an argument earlier in the movie between guy and girl, and she packs her bags to leave while he gets pretty aggressive. He is ultimately left crying by the front door after she leaves. I really like the way the strings work at the end of this piece. The main \'emotional\' string parts are all Grand Detache and Grand Sustains (Thanks King!). Additionally, the following were used:

    1st Violin warm sordino
    1st Violin Altra Corda
    1st Viloin Sul Tasto
    Cellos Marcato
    Cellos Marc/sfz aggr

    Also violin pizz, and a few legato patches for basses, cellos and violas.

    So, what do you guys think of the realism? Do I have more work to do? Thanks for listening!


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    Re: GOS in a movie

    me - interested

    link - dead


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    Re: GOS in a movie

    Hi Lex,

    Worked for me, but just removed the last \'slash\' in case. Try again. If not, don\'t know!


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    Re: GOS in a movie

    NO the post links were dead..now it works.. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Nice work!

    As far as realism goes, it\'s very good, maybe a bit to \"fast\", \"tight\" if you know what I mean...

    The thing I liked most is the colour, voicing and the mix. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Thanks for sharing and good luck with the movie!


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    Re: GOS in a movie

    Hi Lex,

    Thanks for listening and for your positive response. I know what you mean about `fast`. Even on the `quietest` velocity setting, the Grand Detache patches have that sound, but I preferred the emotion of the Detache stuff over the normal legato patches.

    I`m looking forward to trying King`s new patches soon! Maybe they will be the answer!!


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    Re: GOS in a movie

    oh yes they are...I blend them with everything now..they calm down things very well.. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: GOS in a movie

    I guess I`ll have to use them now!



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    Re: GOS in a movie


    Thanks for your post and sharing your music with us. Excellent composition and use of GOS. I liked the blend among the sections and how it sounded with Michiel\'s Piano. It was helpful that you included a patch list as well.

    I\'ll get these posted on the GOS site in the next day or so (along with a picture of you and your daughter). Keep up the great work and all the best at Cannes.


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    Re: GOS in a movie

    Thank you Gary for your kind words and continued support of this excellent string library. Looking forward to the next round of updates, even though I still haven\'t gotten through the present ones!

    Best Wishes,


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    Re: GOS in a movie

    Nice work! One thing that could be improved is to add tone (harmonic content) changes along with volume changes in crescendos-diminuendos. If this is not done, those intensity changes sound if like someone turned the volume knob up and down with no change in the harmonics. A low-pass filter with volume as modulation source can add that touch of realism. It is possible to do this in every sampler except giga, although there might be a trick to get around with a transform object in Logic, but I\'ve never done it.

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