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Topic: Real Time Playing Inquiry.

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    Real Time Playing Inquiry.

    Hi Folks,

    All of my scoring is done in real time using Sonar XL 2.2 with Giga Studio 160.

    How many of you use the Garritan Strings in Real time (using your master keyboard) to create all of your midi tracks rather than filling in the stave line with their notes.

    Just curious..

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Real Time Playing Inquiry.

    A lot of us. GOS is designed for real time and MIDI manipulation. I dont believe its best used buy writting in \"score\" editors.

    In fact realtime is best for just about ANY gigastudio library if you ask me.

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    Re: Real Time Playing Inquiry.

    \"King I\"

    thanks for the response..I have found that a load of practicing when using the Garritan Strings is essential for proper articulation. The master keyboard\'s touch must remain in a normal state taking advantage of all of the wonderful dynamics in the bowing of any given Garritan String sampled instrument. To have the keyboard in a flat touch state, is a waste of expression that the Garritan Strings can truly offer and express..

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Real Time Playing Inquiry.


    It really depends on the patch here. The \"EXP\" patches ahve no velocity dynamics. This helps in reproducing a more \"cotrolled\" expression curve, as adding velocity volume changed can really make for some weird dynamics (or can really help depending on your mix).

    For short bows tho, yah [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


    It depends.

    Sometimes I\'ll do a basic with step writing, add in the key switches, then play back everything in realtime with controlling the Mod Wheel/Exp with a foot controller.

    Sometimes I leave everything step writting and draw in the curves.

    I\'ve generally dont have any chops on the piano, so I do tend to quantize alot, or fix notes a ton.

    I dont really have a set way of working. As I get better at composing and understand my basic needs more, I\'ll probably settle down to a more streamlined approach.

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    Re: Real Time Playing Inquiry.

    John & King Id,

    It\'s like learning a brand new instrument when dealing with all of these key switches. Can we get some software out there that can be attached to the temples of the brain anticipating our emotional responses as we play in real time.
    (The virtual real time composer and or arranger)

    Just venting..

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Real Time Playing Inquiry.


    \"Foot Controller\". I gotta get me one a dem. My Kurzweil PC88 accepts up to four linear controllers.

    Do you have a recommendation? Somthing with decent feel and great reliability.

    I too come from a guitar background, and I\'ve bought more wah-wah pedals that broke within a week than I care to remember.

    I\'ve got two feet. Maybe I\'ll get two :-)

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    Re: Real Time Playing Inquiry.

    So, King, I understand that it\'s best to do the notes in real-time, but what about all of the keyswitching and expression control? Do you tend to do that on the fly as well, or do you tend to do that in post?

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    Re: Real Time Playing Inquiry.

    hehee, well

    I\'ve got a GR-33 board, and it has a foot controller on that. There\'s also the POD controller which might be able to be mapped through MIDI...not sure.

    I\'ve also got the Ztar, which has a bunch of knobs I use as well. Not to mention breath control, which I\'m still not good at.

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