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Topic: harsh string sound

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    harsh string sound

    As good as the Garritan strings are I find them to be harsh sounding. Is it just a matter of EQ, gain and reverb settings? I have also noticed the same problem with the Vienna Orch.ALEX

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    Re: harsh string sound


    It\'s really not a problem, but a matter of taste. What\'s great about strings, more than any instrument of the orchestra, is that they are capable of such a wide range of sounds.
    Strings can be sweet, tense, tender, eerie, warm, brooding,lush, vague, sonorous, piercing, delicate, thin, nasal, passionate or harsh.
    We tried to design the library so that the user can express all of these qualities. That is what real string players do.

    The sound of the GOS library are often described as detailed. We could have made a library that would sound lush or syrupy out-of-the-box, but that would leave out alot of emotions that strings were designed to express. Classical music, Hollywood and Pop,to name a few, all require different string sounds. This is why we offered many choices.

    If the Sustain Normale patch is a little too harsh for your taste, try the Grand Sustains. These seem to be many users favorite patch (ask Rob Kral). Then there are KingIdiot\'s newly released Hollywood Strings in the new updates. These have a richness and warmth about them that you may find to your liking.

    The there are the Sul Altra Corda patches(played higher on the fingerboard) for a change of timbre. Sordinos also give a different flavor of sound.

    To change the sound of a patch there are built-in solutions. There is the Warmth control that can attentuate some of the higher end with a fader. There are also the Tender instruments (suggested by Francis Belardino and included in the update before last). Doyle Donehoo provided Hollywood EQ, a Gigastudio performance file set-up that imparts a warmer efffect using NFX.
    Then there are the GOS Impulses that provide a rich concert hall sound.

    There are many choices and different ways to get a particular sound. If you could be specific, we can help you acheive the sound you are after.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: harsh string sound

    Now I ask you. Is that service or what? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: harsh string sound

    Hi Iskandar,

    There\'s an EQ trick that seems to be fairly widely used with some of the GOS instruments to achieve a less \'harsh\' sound, maybe you might like it. Put in a couple of narrow notch filters, down 6 to 12 dB, one between 1.5-2.0 kHz and the second around 3 kHz. You can experiment a little to find the exact frequencies that work best (I find the frequencies by raising the level 12 dB or so at the notches, and moving the frequency up and down, to center the notch around the sound I want to reduce or eliminate).


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    Re: harsh string sound

    The new Hollywood Strings update (designed by Ashif Hakik) is a WONDERFUL sound. In these new patches, you get a lot of vibrato and expressive detail, without being over the top, and they have a beautiful sweet tone, particularly the \"p\" patches.

    I have used them for the upper strings in the very last cue at the very end of this week\'s Angel. You\'ll swear it\'s the real thing.

    VERY happy with this update!!

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    Re: harsh string sound

    Thank you for the mention, Gary.

    I truly adore the tender string patches. They seem to breathe and swell just at the right time.

    The mod wheel control is so useful. If you place the mod wheel slightly up from the down position, you will notice a sweet warmth creep in.

    Here is a small example:
    Tender Strings/F. Belardino

    I love the sound but as Gary said… to each is own. OK, he did not use those words but I am sure he likes the song [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: harsh string sound

    Hi Rob,

    Speaking of which, any word on Angel\'s status for next season? Last I heard nothing was definite...and I\'d really hate to have to rough up the WB execs because I\'m not sure which box I left my brass knuckles and thumbscrews in, so please let me know if I need to find them or not.


    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Robert Kral:
    I have used them for the upper strings in the very last cue at the very end of this week\'s Angel. You\'ll swear it\'s the real thing.

    VERY happy with this update!!

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    Re: harsh string sound




    On Topic:

    Cool Rob [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    like I said, some of these were designed for you [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: harsh string sound

    I just want to thank Gary and all others who have tendered comments on this topic.ALEX

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    Re: harsh string sound

    Soon there will be another approach to dealing with the overall string ensemble sound. More information about this is posted at the Sample Libraries Discussion section under the title \"New Tech: String Ens. Impulse Enhancements\"

    Ernest Cholakis
    Numerical Sound

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