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Topic: A little more intimacy please....

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    A little more intimacy please....

    I\'m working on a piano/strings piece for a local pop princess [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] The song is going quite well and thanks to a few recent updates I\'m enjoying my giga and GOS much more lately. However, I\'m curious if anyone has some suggestions for getting a closer, more \"intimate\" sound out of GOS. I know it may be hard, seeing as they recorded a FULL orchestra, but I was hoping maybe someone might have some tricks? Anyone....?

    I tried layering a little solo string from my AO collection, and it helps a lot actually, but I really hate the samples. SO, if that would be the only solution I\'ll probably go ahead and grab the Dan Dean solo strings. but I would like some more insight if possible. Thanks

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    Re: A little more intimacy please....

    I might be a little bit more specific and say I\'d really like more of a chamber sound.... somewhere in the 3-6 vlns sound. ideas?

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    Re: A little more intimacy please....


    I don\'t know about the chamber sound, theres a lot of strings in those samples.

    But for more intimate sound try to use NV/V VIB patches, use Kings piano samples for layer instead of AO. Be carefull with dynamics, as soon as you go over p ranges the sound gets very very big, which is normal for such a large ensemble.

    Experiment with EQ, cut the mids a bit, cut the lows a lot and boost highs to get that soft string hiss. Also be carefull with verbs GOS has a lot of ambiance.



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    Re: A little more intimacy please....

    Yeah I agree with everything lex said but I thought he should stress the verb aspect. The default verb is HUGE, and I haven\'t really liked any of the smaller room settings. As a result, if I were going for a small room feel I\'d just record the strings dry and add a TCWorks or Waves reverb where you can get a lot more control. Depending on the mix, you might think about leaving the strings dry, considering there\'s already a bit of ambience in them. Just a thought.

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    Re: A little more intimacy please....

    Hm...not in my opinion...you can get much more closer sound with carefull use of altiverb or acoustic mirror.

    Just be carefull how much you apply, and play with the frequency range off verb, and of course limit the decay to not more then around 1 sec...


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    Re: A little more intimacy please....

    Yeah. That was a stupid idea. Don\'t listen to me. I still like the TCWorks and Waves more than the NFX verb though.

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    Re: A little more intimacy please....

    Thanks for the suggestions. I don\'t use NFX for anything. I always print my tracks to HD and let my mix guy take care of it. I think arranging, producing, performing/programming, and all the other stuff I do is enough... by the time I get to the end, I don\'t wanna mix!

    Where is King\'s Piano Available? Was that on a GOS update I missed somehow?

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    Re: A little more intimacy please....

    Its on the last update..Kings Strings, piano patches....

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