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Topic: Win 98SE or ME?

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    Win 98SE or ME?

    I installed Win ME half a year ago and un-installed it again, as it seemed to be less stable than my Win 98 SE. Does anyone have positive experience with ME?
    Has there been some bug-fixes the last couple of months?


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    Re: Win 98SE or ME?

    I haven\'t upgraded to ME and here\'s why: On the many threads on ME on several audio forums I read, I\'d say close to half the posts describe problems after ME installs. Of course the other half wax on about improved performance of this kind or that, but I ain\'t takin those odds.

    My guess is it\'s not the OS itself but lack of stable 3rd party drivers that\'s the problem.


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    Re: Win 98SE or ME?

    Windows ME contains still a lot off stuff from Microsoft itself that\'s still in Beta (like Internet Explorer and Outlook Express). So if you\'d like to update it\'s a good thought to also install the servicepacks for it.

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