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Topic: I messed up..installed MaestroTools AND new Maple..

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    I messed up..installed MaestroTools AND new Maple..

    I wasn\'t supposed to load in CD 18 and install MaestroTools, was I? Just the new Maple stuff, right? Now I have a set of Marble MIDI ports, and Maple MIDI ports. What should I do?


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    Re: I messed up..installed MaestroTools AND new Maple..

    It\'s perfectly fine what you did [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Just uninstall the old MaestroTools. If you have the new plug-in Maestro for Maple, it is called \"MaestroTools(Maple)\" which can help you to distinguish it and avoid uninstalling it if you happen to have it on your system. If you don\'t have the Maestro plug-in for Maple, just send an email to Gary and he\'ll happily send it off to you. You shouldn\'t need the old MaestroTools on your system if you have Maple and the Maestro plugin installed. So unless you\'re on a production system where it\'s critical for you to be able to use MaestroTools in exactly the same as before, I\'d suggest for you to uninstall the old Maestro. If you want to keep it on your system, that\'s fine though. On XP, you won\'t have any problems with both the old Maestro and Maple on your system.

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