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Topic: GigaSampler Cakewalk Problem

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    GigaSampler Cakewalk Problem

    I have been trying to get my Gigasampler to work with Cakewalk Pro Audio 8 for quite some time. Every time I record giga tracks and audio, Cakewalk stops during recording or, if I make it through recording, it stops during playback. I have tried using a Delta 44 soundcard, a Roland UA-30 and a dinky sound card that came with my computer, they all work fine with audio and midi only but when I add giga, it just stops cold.

    Can anyone help?

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    Re: GigaSampler Cakewalk Problem

    Are you near your Giga polyphony limits? If so, adding audio (even just playback) may be too much for Cakewalk and/or Giga. You\'d have to reduce the number of voices you\'re recording. If your polyphony is low, I don\'t know what would cause it to just stop.

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    Re: GigaSampler Cakewalk Problem

    It seems that the system is over-loaded!
    Something you can try:
    From Cakewalk, Option, Audio:
    a> Set mixing latency to about 92ms +/- 32ms
    b> Adjusting the I/O buffer size between 32~128 (step by 32)
    c> On device profile, check/un-check \"Use Wave Out Position Timing\"
    d> Check the play/Rec timming, it should be WAVE instead of MIDI.
    If still having same problem, try to reduce the automation data in the mixes, some tracks had too havy MIDI-CTRL events would cause problems too.

    Hope this helps,

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