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Topic: MIDI Device Limitation in Windows NT/2000/XP

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    MIDI Device Limitation in Windows NT/2000/XP

    Giga users have been experiencing difficulties with MIDI. It seems that the more complex a system gets, sometimes more problems are experienced. When you have GigaStudio, MaestroTools, sequencers, MIDI hardware, etc. in your system; they all compete for a limited number of available devices in Windows. Although some have been quick to point the finger at Giga, it seems that some of the problems have to do with the Windows OS.

    Although Microsft is aware of the problem with Win 2000 http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/d...esign_2u5j.asp, we have run across similar problems with some users on XP systems. MaestroTools programmer Jeff Hurchalla discovered this a while ago. RME and Edirol independently confirmed the device limitation problem in Windows NT/XP/2000 as well (see below), but I\'ll do some more checking with some folks at Microsoft.

    For details and solutions fixing the problem, RME has some useful information (with nice screenshots) at:

    Also, David Phillips, Technical Lead at Edirol North America offers some helpful suggestions:

    Originally written by David Phillips:
    Problem Description: USB drivers installed correctly but cannot see audio or MIDI ports in recording software. The problem is caused by a 10 driver limitation in Windows XP/2000.

    Solution: Click on \"Start\" and choose \"Run,\" then type in \"cmd\" as the command line. Click \"OK\" and a DOS prompt will open. Type the following commands one line at a time, hitting enter after each:

    set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1
    start devmgmt.msc

    The Device Manager will open up, so click on the View menu and choose \"Show Hidden Devices.\"

    Look through the device manager carefully and note that there are a lot of drivers with a kind of translucent colored icon next to them. These are what we call \"ghosting\" or otherwise nonpresent drivers your system is remembering in case you were to ever add the device back. They can also be drivers that do system functions and are hidden by default, or partially installed or corrupted driver install attempts, all sorts of things really.
    Look under these categories in particular:

    +Human Interface Devices
    +Other Devices
    +Sound, video and game controllers
    +Universal serial bus controllers

    Obviously you would want to uninstall any driver that shouldn\'t be there, but pay particular attention to things like these:

    USB Composite Device
    Composite USB Device
    USB Audio Device
    USB Human Interface Device
    USB Device
    Unknown Device
    *Edirol or other specific drivers you are having problems installing.

    Delete these or any driver duplicates and then restart your computer. After you have completed these instructions your Edirol driver should be reinstalled to complete the procedure. MIDI and audio ports will now be visible in your software.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Perhaps other users and computer wizards have some insight into this problem with Windows. Hope this helps.

    Gary Garritan

    (Reposted from the Tascam forum)

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    Re: MIDI Device Limitation in Windows NT/2000/XP

    I just wanted to chime in on the subject to say the obvious - if it ain\'t broke, don\'t fix it [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] On a less obvious note though, the info from edirol may be great help for people having trouble with usb midi devices, but if you\'re having trouble with midi and you don\'t have a USB device, well, don\'t make changes you don\'t have to make. Just advice to err on the side of caution when making system changes. Other than that I\'ll hope the info Gary\'s posted will help people having troubles.
    The ten device limit in 2000/xp isn\'t limited to midi and usb, it also applies to audio devices. Unfortunately it\'s not simple for me to say how for you to find if you\'re being affected by the limit. The edirol advice won\'t really show you your device numbvers, it will only help fix the problem. I\'ll try to follow up with the registry location just as an fyi, which will show you your device numbers - it requires you to become a little bit familiar with the windows registry editor, which is why I say it\'s not simple.

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    Re: MIDI Device Limitation in Windows NT/2000/XP

    Ah I just saw that the RME link nicely covers the specifics of the registry editor and the registy location with which we\'re concerned. I\'ll repeat RME\'s disclaimer.. \"Please note that changing the registry can cause a complete loss of the operating system. RME does not take over any responsibility for the changes with the registry editor described below\"
    I\'m not saying don\'t make any changes. Just use caution. Before making any changes make note of the settings you\'re about to change, so that you can change them back to the original state if you need.

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