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Topic: Help with Giga editor please

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    Help with Giga editor please

    i make a mistake making GM drum kit, the loop option in sampler label it is select it, and when press the keyboard the sound no stop, till release the key.
    the question is how can i edit (fast and easyly )about 40 drum kit with all notes with this problem .

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    Re: Help with Giga editor please

    From my shallow knowledge there is no way to \"mass edit\" the loop checkbox in the \"sampler\" tab of the case properties, if that is what you are referring to. You have to edit each region individually, isn\'t that how you got into the situation anyway?

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    Re: Help with Giga editor please

    thanks anyway,

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    Re: Help with Giga editor please

    when load a drum kit amd see a bank number like this 287689 the problem is here in the instrument properties in giga editor uncheck the option drum and save then the bank midi of the instrument is normal

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