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Topic: EXS version?

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    EXS version?

    Hi. I\'ve had the GOS \"full\" version for awhile, and have been using it with EXS, with some degree of success. I\'m wondering though--will there be an EXS-programmed version at any point in the future? I\'ve got the whole thing imported in EXS format and it\'s going to take some serious work to make the legato function (for one thing) work like it\'s supposed to in the Giga version.

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    Re: EXS version?

    Hi Phattlippz,

    We have been waiting for Emagic to incorporate some needed features into EXS before we can develop for it. It seems like those features have been implementied so we can proceed.

    In the meantime, you sould be able to get some of the legato functionality (but not all) with the Virtual MaestroTools environment that Roman Beilharz programmed. Mono mode should work fine and we can probably figure out a way of triggerring the attack masking samples.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: EXS version?

    You can trigger the masking samples by copying the notes that you want legato on a different track. This track should have one or two transformers in the environment that transpose these notes to where the masking samples are mapped. At the same time use the \"force legato\" function in Logic (on the main track, of course, not on the masking samples.)
    It works great here.


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    Re: EXS version?

    Thanks for the advice!

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    Re: EXS version?

    Jeannot, did you import the GOS library into EXS? If so, how is it working?

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    Re: EXS version?

    Nick, I am not using EXS. I just suggested an alternative to Maestro Tools regarding the use of the legato patches in GOS, which I am using in Gigastudio. I should be the same in any softsynth.

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    Re: EXS version?

    .....Sorry, I meant softsampler...

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