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Topic: GOS & Triton

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    GOS & Triton


    Is anyone using the Akai version of GOS with their Triton? I have a few...well a 100 questions Happy New Year All [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

    Specifically, I could not talk my team into purchasing the whole giga package, that may still come though, still pitching it... We are working on a large MMORPG and it will involve lots of music. I met Gary last spring in Seattle along with the amazing \"Tom\" so I could learn more about the strings and better sell them to the rest of my team. I Have gone ahead and purchased the Akai version and have used the translator successfully... I think. I see all the sounds in my triton but none of the parameters are there. There are only raw samples and loops functioning. I would love to chat with anyone who is using these sounds with their Triton. Please feel free to email me directly if this interests you.

    Thank you again Tom and Gary for taking the time to visit with me back in the spring. That was more than generous of you. The game is going well and we may even have real funding before month\'s end after having turned down one offer already, haha!

    BTW, Tom - my kids love the sample CD you gave me of your music, sweet stuff [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

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    Re: GOS & Triton

    Thanks John. Good to hear from you. I enjoyed our visit that day. I hope someone here at Northernsounds can help you with your dilemma. I don\'t think I know any Triton owners in my area.


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    Re: GOS & Triton

    Hi All,

    I was not able to get my GOS to work on my Triton other than to just hear raw samples with no parameters. I think I am supposed to put those in but that would take me weeks. I tried and did not get great results anyway, my bad no doubt. I broke down and bought GS96. My question is this, I own the Akai version of GOS. Is there any reason why that won\'t work as well as the Giga lite version in Giga Studio? If so is there an exchange opportunity here? If not, anyone looking for an Akai version? (Slightly used but no marks tears or folds and other wise in perfect condition. Thanks!

    Oh, and if anyone is interested and wants to see just how lacking one is with out GOS strings there are some audio samples on my web site. (Skip to the second page of audio, please. Two of the samples are all accoustic, \"Lament\" & \"In The Tavern\" which are currently slated for a video game. I am not a guitar player or recorder player by degree so no snickering if you are. Pretty much everything else is synthesizer (o1/w and triton). Anyway, here it is: Leadmine Pond Productions

    All the best,

    PS Having heard so many of ya\'lls samples I must be drunk posting my own. But I have been skinny dipping at an airforce swimming pool without realizing that behind the tinted glass an officer\'s ball was going on. I suppose posting my stuff here could not have a worse outcome, LOL.

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    Re: GOS & Triton

    Hi John - can you give me a Program name of a Program that doesn\'t show any parameters in the Triton? I\'d like to improve on that translation, if possible.


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    Re: GOS & Triton

    Hi Chickensys,

    Actually, I have to create a new program and specify a loaded sample. I could not get a program off of the disc nor off of the one I translated through chicken. Does that help? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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