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Topic: Bach Air

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    Bach Air

    We did this GOS demo for one of our clients;
    We need feedback on the balance and instruments used.
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Bach Air

    This is very nice. My suggestion is 1) I think it is a bit too dry and 2)you might try a bit of EQ as suggested in the link below. I think these two things would sweeten the sound a bit. Also, check it against a reference live recording: that would tell you a lot.


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    Re: Bach Air

    Very usefill tips on you website.
    Think I\'ll start investigating the additional techniques in detail to get better results.


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    Re: Bach Air


    I\'m definitely no expert by FAR.. but I will tell you this: the mod wheel is your friend [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] (or, it\'s all about the EXP samples)

    (EDIT: I had a few more listens.. it sounds like you ARE using the EXP samples..but maybe the overall volume of the parts is too loud, and the EXP samples don\'t start out quietly enough. Also, check the instrument that\'s playing the bass part.. it sounds too high & dry. I use the Bass Pizzicato in my mockup below)

    It took me a while to get used to this library.. now I almost ALWAYS use the EXP samples.. they\'re awesome. The level of expressiveness you can get just never ceases to amaze me.. it\'s the real key to making pieces sound realistic.

    I grabbed \"Bach Air\" from the Seven soundtrack and threw this together by ear:


    Forgive the shortness of it, I didn\'t have the score, and it\'s 2:45am [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] But the expressiveness is what\'s going to make the piece convincing to the ear and make the listener think, if only for a moment, that it\'s a real orchestra.

    Good luck.. just practice and get used to the library, it takes some time.

    PS: I didn\'t use any of the EQ techniques mentioned above

    EDIT: Another tip.. use the \"WARM\" samples, and adjust the GPC7 to between 80-95 depending on what sounds good to you.

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    Re: Bach Air

    Its too fast... make it slower and it will be allright [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


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    Re: Bach Air

    Wasn\'t the bass part pizzicato? Can\'t find it on my CDs... [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]


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    Re: Bach Air

    I thought it was pizz. too... then I listened to the version on the \"Seven\" soundtrack closely (read: with headphones) and heard that it was actually just um.. I dunno what it\'s called [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] martele? spiccato? Actually my mockup is missing the cellos doubling the basses. oh well

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    Re: Bach Air

    I think they modified for the Seven soundtrack. I also remember they version on the Seven soundtrack is played by a german orchestra. If I recall correctly it was the Stuttgarter Kammerorchester. (Don\'t found it yet, see the label, Sam)

    Perhaps the celli marcato, and the basses pizz? What about the viola? I\'m pretty sure the bass is pizz...


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    Re: Bach Air

    I think you\'re right actually.. bass pizz with celli marcato over it.

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    Re: Bach Air

    We uploaded the latest version under the original link above.
    Tempo is now much better, violoncello is now marcato and we added a lot of Exp. Still have to work on thrill\'s etc.


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