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Topic: 160 poly - who has it, besides Donnie?!

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    Re: 160 poly - who has it, besides Donnie?!

    I\'m getting 150 on average.

    My system:

    Athlon 700
    256 MB Ram
    3 7200 rpm IDE hard drives
    split up between windows, programs, gigasamples

    My software:
    Win98, GigaStudio, Cakewalk 9

    I am really looking forward to Win2000 or Win2002 (whistler) support! I hate the constant rebooting between Win98 & Win2k depending on if I want to use a fast and stable OS versus using GigaStudio.

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    Re: 160 poly - who has it, besides Donnie?!

    I consistently get 160 notes poly. I found several things that robbed my polyphony; one was USB -- turn it off in the BIOS.

    Check out the thread http://www.northernsounds.com/ubb/NonCGI/Forum1/HTML/000423.html

    Here are my stats:

    -processor PIII 800MHz, no overclocking
    -chipset VIA Apollo Pro133A
    -motherboard ASUS P3V4X
    –ram 512Mb, PC-100
    -hard drive(s) (1) Maxtor 6.4Gb; (2) Western Digital 18Gb, 7200, ATA/66
    -sound card(s) Echo GINA 20 bit
    -standalone use? YES
    -video processor/card/settings Jaton 107AGP (2x, 8Mb)
    -BIOS settings USB switched off, latency std., accel. Full, set for server operation
    -Midi Input Card WINMAN 2X2 (it is an ISA card)
    -other processors None
    -recording system – (1) SONY DAT; (2) PIII 800 w/ GINA20, Sound Forge 4.5 (this is the same computer I use for the Gigastudio. Note that it is virtually impossible to record while playing the Gigastudio unless only a few instruments are loaded.)
    -sequencing system – MAC (Power Computing 100) running Performer 5.5, MOTU MIDI Express
    -polyphony 160
    -click/pops in Giga? sometimes? YES, when enough instruments are loaded (>40% mem usage). Otherwise there are no extraneous sounds.
    -sound quality 10, except for pops
    -midi performance great, no problems from Gigastudio computer but the MAC, which is my sequencing computer, can be overloaded with too many after touch, pitch bend, and other MIDI signals.
    -other problems Gigastudio computer will often boot up with a msgsrv32, msg32 or other low-level error so that several reboots are necessary. It will get page faults often when running Gigastudo (often related to wstream) and will also require rebooting.
    -comments/suggestions Serious stand-alone diagnostic program needs to be written (see forum location http://www.northernsounds.com/ubb/NonCGI/Forum5/HTML/000132.html)

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    160 poly - who has it, besides Donnie?!

    I am begin to wonder if it\'s possible at all to reach the 160 voices poly without any problems on any setup at all? Most people on the SURVEY thread are getting around 100 or so.

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    Re: 160 poly - who has it, besides Donnie?!

    I also get 160 constantly (on one instrument also without no noise etc..).

    a7v, tbird 900mhz, use only scsi hd\'s, 512mb ram.
    Actually, I believe a very fast scsi harddrive really will help on your polyphony.
    I\'ve gotten the impression, that a lot of people here are using cheap ata-100 ide harddrives. A good scsi harddrive cost big bucks, but it should do the trick - as long as you use a better than 600-700mhz cpu.

    I also use partition and boot magic for seperate windows partitions (one for music, and one for internet, games etc..).

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