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Topic: Virtual MaestroTools for the Logic Environment (v.2.35) now available

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    Virtual MaestroTools for the Logic Environment (v.2.35) now available

    Dear Maestros:

    Virtual MaestroTools for the Apple/Emagic Logic Environment (v.2.35) is now available for people who use Logic for their sequencing. The new version is available for PC and for the MAC platforms. Many thanks to Roman Beilharz for producing all of this innovative programming.

    With the Logic Environment, a user can accomplish what MaestroTools does without leaving their Logic sequencer. Last spring we made a Logic Environment available to GOS users (version 2.25) in the free updates that went out to all GOS users.

    The Logic Environment MaestroTools has two modes: \"Classic Mode\" and \"Multi-Channel Mode.\" The \"Classic Mode\" mainly emulates the features of the original MaestroTools. In \"Classic Mode,\" you can toggle the three basic MaestroTools modes (Auto, Down/Legato, Up) with Key Switches A0, A#0 and B0. The sustain pedal engages Legato Mode, just as it does in the stand-alone version of MaestroTools.

    The \"Multi-Channel Mode\" goes beyond the capabilities of the original MaestroTools. The \"Multi-Channel Mode\" allows you to load separate patches and articulations into different MIDI channels and switch between them with predetermined key switching.
    The special CPress ALT-definition allows you to alternate between up- and down-bows using aftertouch: to trigger the up-bows push and hold the keyswitch of the so defined Channel-Slot with your left hand prior to playing with the right hand.

    Other features: The Program-Set-Switcher lets you pre-define two sets of program-changes (A and B) in Multi-Channel-Mode, which get sent and toggled by keyswitches G0 (Set A) and G#0 (Set B). This way it is possible to manage playing up to 8 (2x4) articulations on 4 MIDI-channels. Another helpful feature is the \"Transpose\" function, which permits easy shifting of both the Key Switch-octave (\"KS-shift\") and the play-range (\"Transpose\")-ideal for those who use 61-key and 76-key controllers. The \"MTools Loopback\" object is another particularly useful feature, for it allows you to process previously recorded data, regardless of when you recorded the music. Activation of the AutoVAR-function makes AutoALT-processing create variations of incoming notes by sending random-modulation-wheel data and subtle CC82-(brightness)-changes right along with every note. This works in either of the 3 operation modes, whenever AutoALT-phrasing is engaged. There is also a \"Blend\" function as well as other features. More features are in the works. If anyone has features they would like to see, let us know.

    Version 2.35 of Virtual MaestroTools for the Logic Environment is now available. If any registered GOS users would like to receive the new environment, please email me at gary@harps.com and we will send a copy to you.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Virtual MaestroTools for the Logic Environment (v.2.35) now available

    Will have a version for Cakewalk Sonar 2.0 ?

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