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Topic: How many Double Basses in GOS?

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    How many Double Basses in GOS?

    I have Gigasampler Lite version of GOS. Maybe this is different from full version, but to my ears the Double Bass \"section\" sounds more like one instrument than eight. Was the mike too close to one of them or what?

    Anyone else share this impression?

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    Re: How many Double Basses in GOS?

    I think part of the problem is theat there aren\'t any release triggers. Add that to the fact that there is alot of bow noise and you get this \"constant\" sound that overpowers any ambience in the room. I also think Mic placement had something to do with it. Not so much \"too close\" (if you really listen you can hear that they arent too close), its more of over all placement, its liek the mics where just not in the \"best\" place or the mix of \"far\" and \"closer\" mics wasn\'t optimized for the basses. Atleast thats my humble opinion.

    Theres a couple of ways of changing this in future updates that Gary is looking at.

    Personally I would have rather had two actual mic positions as seperate samples with the basses. I like lots of \"grate\" in the tremolos and aggressive short bows, but always love a more mellow sound on sustains. At first I thought EQ would be the best for this, but after enough time, I\'ve found that I\'m better off bugging Gary to update them. Which, thank god, is an option [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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