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Topic: Gigastudio in Windows 2000 ?

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    Gigastudio in Windows 2000 ?

    Anyone successfully using GigaStudio160 in Windows2000 ? Now that VST had advanced Multiprocessor support I am tempted to make the switch from 98SE.

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    Re: Gigastudio in Windows 2000 ?

    Hello Jo-Seth,

    Currently GigaStudio and GigaSampler are Windows 9x and Me compatible only. We\'re expecting compatibility with the next rev of Windows2000, which we expect out summer of this year. At this point I\'m not sure if it\'s going to be dubbed Windows2001 (makes sense) or Whistler (??). At any rate, we will have a CD with the Update patch, available upon request, for all registered users - it may incur the cost of shipping. We plan to have the Update for GigaStudio first and GigaSampler will follow.


    Sean McFarling
    Nemesys Music Technology, Inc.

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    Re: Gigastudio in Windows 2000 ?

    Thanks for the update Sean.

    Whistler is now in its second beta, and different windows sites are saying the retail version is expected to come out late summer or fall. But since this is MicroSoft we\'re talking about this could mean the end of this year...

    On an interesting note, Windows XP is rumored to be Whistler\'s retail name. Supposedly Gates himself dissed the Windows 2002 name...

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