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Topic: HELP NEEDED !!!!!!!!!!

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    HELP NEEDED !!!!!!!!!!

    My Coveted Fellow Forum Members
    Help from anyone is very much needed and would be greatly appreciated, in that I have had no workable solution offered to me from Nemesys in over 9 weeks!!!

    After upgrading from a GigaSampler LE installation (working perfectly), to a GigaStudio 96 install, my system has been unable to provide a successful launch of the product. It crashes, giving me the following message:

    \"Gstudio has caused an error in KERNEL32.DLL. Gstudio will now close. If you continue to experience problems, try retarting your computer.\"

    In an effort to save anyone who may be moved to offer assistance to me any wasted time, I would like to state beforehand that I am not a novice MIDI user, nor am I a newcomer to PC computing (over 15 years in both arenas), so all of the obvious, and not so obvious things have been tried, with no success. I have tried installing GigaStudio 96 on three different systems here at home, and none have proved successful, giving me the exact error message on every attempt, and with differing hardware combinations (I\'ll include them below).

    What I am dreading, is the discovery that my problems lie in my Windows ME installations on all of my systems, rather than using Windows 98SE.

    Out of frustration, I took the software to work and installed it on my Windows 95 PC at work, and was given the same error message!!! However, after changing the resolution from 1280X1024 to 1024X768, it launched flawlessly!!! Thinking that I may have found the solution to my woes, I returned home and changed my displays from 1600X1200 to 1024X768, hoping for the same success I experienced at work, but again, I received the exact same error message. The difference between my work PC and the ones at home, are the OS (95 vs Me).

    Please keep in mind that all obvious things have been tried, including FDISK, FORMAT, reinstallations of both Windows Me and GigaStudio (too numerous to remember), changing of video adapters, memory, BIOS upgrades, exchanging of hard drives (SCSI and ATA66-100), etc.

    If someone out there knows of ANY issues with the KERNEL32.DLL, please enlighten me!!!

    Thanking all in advance...

    -BOBBY T

    Pentium III-850 & Penitum III-500
    Abit BE6 & LX6 Motherboards
    768 MB & 320 MB of ram
    Seagate Cheetah SCSI 10,000 RPM Drives & IBM 7200 UDMA-100 Drives
    Aardvark 24/96 & SoundBlaster Live Platinum
    Matrox G400 MAX Dual Display & STB Velocity 4400 Video Displays

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    Re: HELP NEEDED !!!!!!!!!!

    Have you updated GigaStudio to at least version 2.01.26? 2.01.36 is now posted.

    Also, ontop of the reinstalls of Windows, are you going out to the vendors that make your video and sound cards and making sure those drivers are up to date?

    Are you running any anti-virus software?


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    Re: HELP NEEDED !!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Ron, but...

    In my rather verbose (sorry about that)post, I stated that I have tried ALL of the obvious, as well as not-so-obvious methods of troubleshooting, with no degree of success.

    As stated, I am not a newcomer to either MIDI music production or computing, which is why I have turned to this knowledge-rich forum for a solution to my problem.

    I feel that it may be something out of the scope of \"ordinary\" problems that is plaguing me!!!!!

    Thanks again, though...

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    Re: HELP NEEDED !!!!!!!!!!

    If changing the resolution made a difference,
    perhaps it is not the resolution but the color palette bit depth. I do remember hearing of crash on start of of giga due
    to improper setting of this. Hey, if this
    helps you, I\'ve got a dumb beginner question
    about using software reverb with gigasampler
    a a few posts back that I bet a seasoned user
    like yourself would have no trouble answering.

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    Re: HELP NEEDED !!!!!!!!!!

    Hey, even us seasoned vets can over look the obvious things.

    a) Why not give up ME and re-install Windows 98? Why the love for ME??

    b) I had the SAME problem, I updated my MIDI driver and all is well.

    c) kernal32.dll is a progam extension for windows by MS. Don\'t expect anything to be wrong with that file.

    d) Boot with all hardware acceleration off. See if this helps.

    e) Edit your windows/system/msconfig.exe settings and make sure nothing but the minimum is running at boot up.

    f) Replace all of your current memory chips with new ones. Extreme, but worthy of a test.

    g) Is your power supply powerful enough? This has caused problems in the past, not with Gigastudio, but remember this is Windows afterall and weird things happen.

    h) Disable system sound if you havn\'t done so. This has been known to cause conflicts with high end audio software.

    Man, these kind of problems are a pain to fix, but it is usually something \"way out there\" that corrects the problem!

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    Re: HELP NEEDED !!!!!!!!!!

    Well, gentlemen (Duncan and Munsie)...

    I truly appreciate your intelligent suggestions and input. However, I have tried all of the things you\'ve suggested, INCLUDING using new ram!!! I needed to purchase some more ram for another system, so I thought I would try these newly purchased DIMMs, but had no success.

    I also tried reinstalling Windows 98SE, and encountered the same problems. Everything the both of you offered as suggestions has been tried...several times, and in different combinations.

    I also know that the kernel32.dll file is a Windows file, and not one installed by GigaXXX. I\'ve researched Microsoft\'s IT website for error messages related to this file, and the common denominator seems to be video/color related issues. However, nothing I have tried has resolved the problem.

    What is increasingly strange is that I was running an installation of GigaSampler successfully on the very same system. My problems started when I upgraded to GigaStudio. **sigh**

    To add to this, I reinstalled GigaSampler on a whim, and it ran flawlessly!!!

    It sadly appears that I have invested in an upgrade that has rendered my system unusable while it resides on the hard drive. I was so impressed with GigaSampler, that I KNEW upgrading to GigaStudio would only prove to be a fruitful venture.

    How I wish this to be the truth...

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    Re: HELP NEEDED !!!!!!!!!!

    Download you gigastudio upgrade again....Maybe you loose some data in the transfer.

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    Jul 1999
    Winsted, CT

    Re: HELP NEEDED !!!!!!!!!!

    Did you search for multiple version of mfc42.dll, as mentioned in previous post?

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    Re: HELP NEEDED !!!!!!!!!!

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by jose elith:
    Download you gigastudio upgrade again....Maybe you loose some data in the transfer.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Thanks for your suggestion, Jose, but the initial installation of GigaStudio presented me with this KERNEL32.DLL. The website upgrades have done nothing to rectify my problem.

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    Re: HELP NEEDED !!!!!!!!!!

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Bill:
    Did you search for multiple version of mfc42.dll, as mentioned in previous post?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Thanks also to you, Bill. I did find multiple instances of that particular DLL file, with varying dates of creation, and took the time to make them all identical. That did not help, however.

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