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Topic: GOS in a Pro Tools environment

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    GOS in a Pro Tools environment

    Hi all,

    This is my first time to the forum. After hearing the Garritan Orchestral Strings I\'ve decided to pursue adding GS and Garritan to my studio arsenal. I\'m in the process of designing a dedicated GS system and was wondering if there is anyone else out here that is currently using GS and GOS in a Digidesign Pro Tools Mix environment?

    Specifically, I’m interested in how you bring the audio into the PT environment (example: via 888/24), if you are using the Digidesign sequencer or another, and which sound card and Midi interface you would suggest for integrating with a Pro Tools studio?

    There are so many soundcard and Midi Interface options to choose from it’s a bit overwhelming determining which ones have proven themselves as being resilient and would meet the needs in a professional PT environment.

    Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


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