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Topic: reinstalling GOS

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    reinstalling GOS

    I recently had some computer problems and elected to format and start over fresh. I have a couple questions; 1) under the GOS installation guidelines subsection \"how to load the samples\", it recommends using the GS import tool to install multi disk files. Last time I ignored this because i coudn\'t find the \"import tool in GS.\" Is this going to limit the functionality of GOS? Where is the import tool?

    2) When I install the updates, can I just take the last updates and skip the intermediary ones?


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    Re: reinstalling GOS

    1. Don’t bother, just copy the files to your HD. There is no loss of functionality.

    2. That depends. If you purchased the library after January you should be able to skip the intermediate updates. Just use the latest update package. If you purchased before that you may need to do the updates that add sample data to some of the files. But even if your version didn’t include the added sample data and you went ahead and applied the latest update package it would let you know by giving you a “wave pool” error message during the installation of the articulation file. Any file that gives you an error message is one that needs to go through the earlier update as well. If you have any problems let us know and we’ll help you through it.

    One piece of advice for everyone: Once you have successfully completed the updates - burn a backup copy of the fully-updated files so that a HD failure (or other catastrophic problem) will not make it necessary to go through the update procedure again.


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    Re: reinstalling GOS

    Originally posted by Tom Hopkins:
    1. Don’t bother, just copy the files to your HD. There is no loss of functionality.

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Thanks, I\'m having trouble with loading articulation files now. I tried to load the articulation file for 1st violin KS Lite, the articulation for exaggerated(not warm) bows, and I got an error message that 75% of the wave pool didn\'t match. I searched through the first update and found nothing to address this discrepancy. So I tried to install the next art file, 1st Vln long bow 1 with the exaggerated art file for 1st violin Long Bow, and got an error message: this program has committed an illegal error and will be shut down\".

    I cant load any art files now, this error continues to resurface even though I rebooted many times, and reinstalled GS.

    I\'m using windows 98 sec ed.

    Your help will be appreciated, thanks.


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    Re: reinstalling GOS


    Contact Gary directly (Gary@harps.com). We\'ll figure out what\'s going on and get you up and running.


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