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Topic: Happy Birthday to GOS (present inside)

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    Re: Happy Birthday to GOS (present inside)

    Gary, thank you for these .gigs - you must be clairvoyant. I need looped harmonics for a piece I\'m working on right now. You just saved me a lot of time - again!

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    Re: Happy Birthday to GOS (present inside)

    Wow a year already. Congrats And what a nice gesture - free harmonic gig\'s!! And LOOPED... nice.

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    Happy Birthday to GOS (present inside)

    Greetings Maestros and Members!

    We are pleased to announce the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of GOS. It was one year ago, on August 31, 2001 that the first GOS library shipped. A great deal has happened in a year! How time flies!

    We never expected the huge success that GOS would be. After all, it was a labor of love and we had a great deal of fun developing it. There\'s no way one individual could have done this and I can honestly say that we couldn\'t have done it without this forum.

    The first big THANK YOU goes to PapaChalk & DeSound for creating and hosting this forum. They are to be commended for making NS the fantastic place that it is. I would like to especially thank to Tom Hopkins (who is now several years older) for his tireless and superhuman work. Thanks to the beta testers (all from NS) who contributed so much, especially Ashif and Jeff, and the many others out there (who I will not name for fear of forgetting anyone - you know who you are!). Thanks to the GOS Maestros who shared their mp3s, update contributions, kind words, suggestions and tips. Also thank you Tascam for providing this amazing technology. And I truly want to thank everyone in this forum for all the help and support you\'ve given.

    We thought there would be no better way of celebrating this joyous occasion than by giving you a present. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] Here are some looped harmonics for your enjoyment:
    1st Violins Looped Harmonics
    Violas Looped Harmonics
    Cellos Looped Harmonics
    (Tip: For a great effect, try layering harmonics onto a sustained chord. It\'s like hearing extra rosin and it will add more dimension.)

    Again, \"Thank You!\" all for an incredible year. The best is yet to come.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Happy Birthday to GOS (present inside)

    Happy Birthday GOS! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I\'d like to thank Gary and Tom and the rest of the team for their great work on the updates and fantastic customer support.

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    Re: Happy Birthday to GOS (present inside)

    Thanks tons to Gary and all those involved in GOS! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] And thanks for the birthday gift!


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    Re: Happy Birthday to GOS (present inside)

    Thanks tons to Gary and all those involved in GOS! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] And thanks for the birthday gift!


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    Re: Happy Birthday to GOS (present inside)

    I hope these links will still be active by friday... thats when I get my brand new broadband internet connection!!! (ah, the pleasures of no dialup and long waits)

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    Re: Happy Birthday to GOS (present inside)

    Congratulations to ALL GOS-developers/betas etc.!!!

    This has been and still is by far the most interesting project I have ever become involved to. Not only, because it has meant to be a part of the \"avant-garde\" of 21st-century string-sampling, but because this is the ONLY project I know, where it has been truly mastered to combine the advantages of a commercial product with the tremendous explosion of creative energy an open-source-like-community is able to spark off.

    Although we all therefore seem to have to congratulate each other, I want to thank the \"core-team\" again for incredible effort and of course you, Gary, for being the heart and pulse of it all. You seem to have found an excellent way to keep business, commitment, sympathy and \"synergy\" in a perfect balance: noone feeling \"exploited\", no envy, not even harsh words have been noticed around. Of course: some of \"us\" make money with GOS directly, some don\'t. But who has ever started to calculate, knows, that the \"GOS-deal\" has been calculated so fair, so user-friendly, that every user and co-developer is PROUD to contribute to the project, to really give something back - for free!!!

    This way we all gain from each other and finally, we become able to create better sounding simulated strings than anyone had ever been imagining before. And if we SOUND better - who knows? - we maybe GET better (...artists, ...composers, ...paid, ...heard etc. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ).

    Thanks a lot for the free sounds!!

    Roman Beilharz

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