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Topic: Using GOS full On a mac

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    Using GOS full On a mac

    I\'m really interested in buying the GOS library. Any mac users out there who care to share their experience with using this library on a platform other than PC and Giga. What Software Samplers and sequencers are you using etc etc. On the GOS site it says other platforms coming soon. Anyone now which ones and when. One last question: is virtual Maestro Tools available on the mac version of logic as well? If Maestro tools are as important to the library as it seems most on this site feel, is it foolish to even think of using the library on a mac. Thanks in advance for any help and advice.

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    Re: Using GOS full On a mac

    Hello Elbee:

    I have been using the Akai version of GOS on my mac G4 with wonderful results. The Akai programs and samples were converted to Unity format with Osmosis. I run Unity [an older version -- 2.1 I believe] with ProTools LE and DigiOO1 hardware and bring the Unity output channels into PTLE as a plugin.

    The continuous controller functions did not translate, so velocity is the only expressive control I have access to. Still, even with this limited setup, the samples sound gorgeous and are full, lush and very musical. I have also run GOS Akai/Unity/PTLE on a G3 laptop using Digidesign\'s M-Box hardware.

    I\'ve read that Unity Session will read streaming Giga files, as will Kontakt for mac from Native Instruments. [Kontakt looks like a great app by the way] And I am looking forward to the time when Translator from Chicken Systems will be fully functional.

    As far as I know, there is no way for Maestro Tools to work within the mac OS. I wonder if it would be possible to run a Windows emulator to host Maestro Tools, along with PTLE? [ok... I didn\'t think so]

    Overall, we mac folks will soon have some wonderful new tools and instruments to play with. I imagine all these apps will be compatible with OSX some day...but in the short term, the OS9.x route is looking pretty damned cool.


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    Re: Using GOS full On a mac

    Elbee. I have transferred several Giga patches over to EXS24 and Logic Audio on the Mac. They sound awesome.

    The GOS samples in particular sound very good on that platform. The Mod wheel crossfade patches don\'t work, so I only kept the short bowing patches and non-expressive GOS instruments. You still get good transfer of velocity levels.

    You also do not have Keyswitch capabilities on the EXS, so those type of Giga instruments won\'t work.

    There is more richness to the samples on the EXS. I\'ve heard similar reports from those who use Unity. Gigastudio must have some funky filtering going on. And on the PC I use RME Hammerfall 9652 card connected to O2R via lightpipe, so I know it\'s not that.

    Also, you do have to check the envelopes, as they do not always transfer properly. But these are easy to adjust to taste, and most people do this anyway.

    Maestro Tools DOES work on the Mac as there is a Mac Logic Environment object that emulates Maestro Tools. You\'ll find it with the GOS Updates disc. It works well so you get your alternate up/down bowing on those patches. I haven\'t tried the legato feature, but I suspect that works also.

    You don\'t get the Mod Wheel variation short bow patches, which I like very much.

    London Orchestral Percussion also sounds very good on the EXS.

    One thing is for certain as far as I\'m concerned: Any library developers that hitch their product to only GigaStudio (via copy protection encryption or whatever) will not be getting any of my money.

    I like the flexibility of bringing my samples over to the EXS on the Mac. I also suspect that there will soon be an update for the EXS that will incorporate continuous controller cross-fading.

    I like using GigaStudio. If you don\'t have it yet but are considering buying one, it is worth the investment, in my opinion. But if you are a die-hard Mac head, you won\'t be needing Giga in the near future.

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    Re: Using GOS full On a mac

    I use GOS with HALion on the Mac and while it works ok, most of the special programming doesn\'t. Things like keyswitching work but crossfading and warmth control etc doesn\'t convert.

    I don\'t know much about EXS24 but as for Kontact, it does convert Giga but it doesn\'t stream, which makes it next to useless for orchestral music. It\'s got all kinds of cool filters and stuff and seems really to be dance oriented. Coming from Native Instruments I would have expected nothing less. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    HALion is in desperate need of an update however, which I\'m assured is coming soon. Once this happens it should be able to compete directly with Giga. It has SO much potential, especially in regard to polyphony efficiency,

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    Re: Using GOS full On a mac

    I\'m on a Mac, and I just got the full version of GOS yesterday. I imported the .gig files into EXS24, and everything went very smoothly. All I can say is... WOW! The best grand I\'ve ever spent. Sure, there are many things that can\'t be duplicated on the EXS, but I\'m sure that this will change in the near future (AppleEmagic seems quite commited to this solid softsampler). In the meantime, the samples and programming are out of this world. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Using GOS full On a mac

    So I guess EXS24 streams? How many instruments can you have loaded per instance of EXS24, and how many instances can you have at once? How efficient is it? ie how much polyphony can you get?

    Also, can it be run on anything besides Logic?

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    Re: Using GOS full On a mac

    GOS LITE in Unity Session has imported relatively well. The Akai files behaved well in Unity 2.1 also.

    Of course the cool programming from the originals didn\'t make it but.....

    ....The good news is that Unity can replicate essentially 100% of the programming used on the LITE collection and about 90% of the Full GOS, including the Maestro Tools functionality.

    Unfortunately, without a good knowledge of programming for Unity, the average user might feel overwhelmed.

    All in all, you are bound to get quite a bit of good use even from the basic translations. It\'s an incredible library and it will sound great no matter what!

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    Re: Using GOS full On a mac

    Yes, EXS streams off your hard-drive. Each EXS represents one instrument. You can call up to 64 in one sequence. I believe that polyphony is only limited by your CPU. As for using it in other sequencers, yes there is a read-only version called EXSP24. It is limited by the fact that you can\'t record/edit your own samples, but it\'s fine for playing existing librairies. It\'s a very solid, good sounding (filter!!) softsampler. I highly recommend it.

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    Re: Using GOS full On a mac


    64 EXS24\'s can be run simultaneously, each one with 64 voices of polyphony on Version 5.2 for the Mac...(previously 32). Yes, it disk streams.

    Logic has increased the number of audio instruments with just about every update. I suspect that 64 will increase at some point in future with the Newer Macs. It also streams true 24 bit audio.

    As far as i know this is a Logic only sampler.
    The thing I like about it is it is a very, VERY simple interface. Even a neophyte can find their way around it with little effort. It simply sounds great and is easy to use. Stable, never crashes, and just loading up a couple of dozen huge patches has little effect on memory. The processor is only affected when you are actually streaming. It\'s like having 64 audio tracks ready to go, but with sampled instruments.

    My default autoload song in Logic has about 40 pre-loaded sampler instruments at the ready any time I want to use them...plus 24 open ones. Close to zero latency, sample accurate timing.

    Plus, if you cross over and do electronic music as well as orchestral, there are features that Giga can\'t do in that genre.

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    Re: Using GOS full On a mac

    64\'s not bad I suppose, the same as Giga. But it doesn\'t solve the problem of having to run multiple machines. Unity and HALion can run more, as much as you have RAM I guess - certainly in the case of HALion anyway.

    It seems EXS24 is very user-friendly, as is HALion but Unity and Giga are certainly not. They all have their pros and cons. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I don\'t want to run Giga \'cos I\'d need a pc, it has limited amount of instruments that can be loaded, and bad use of/low polyphony. So I have to look at the alternatives. For now I\'m running HALion but I certainly have my eye on all these other samplers.....

    If HALion gets the update it needs then it\'ll be no contest but who knows when that will be? [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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