I\'ve just purchased and set up a new machine to run cakewalk pro suite and gigasampler (LE).
I have a Midiman Delta 66 sound card and would like to use the soundstage reverb(direct X)
with it in real time. The only way I can see to do this is to plug the delta66 digital OUT into
the digital IN (using the router, or perhaps a cable), then make the digital IN the source for
a track inside cakewalk, applying the reverb to that track. I can\'t make this work however, so
if anyone knows the correct connections I\'d be grateful for a reply.

If it was possible to set up this reverb for gigasampler outside of cakewalk, that would also be

In addition to the delta 66 I have a low end soundblaster card.
Is it possible to route the soundblaster output( for its reverb) into the delta66? (The
soundblaster card seems to have quite a bit of hiss, though.)

A second problem I\'ve had is setting up my midiman portman. I can\'t boot windows if the box
is plugged in to the printer port( although the driver seems to be installed OK).
As a result I\'m currently using the midi in on my soundblaster joystick port.

I\'m loving the sounds I\'m getting out of this equipment, but the initial setup and learning curve
sure is painful.