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Topic: eh ? My Updates ?

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    eh ? My Updates ?

    I am just curious: am I the only kid in the class who hasn\'t received his/her updates yet ?
    Booo-oooooo [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]
    I am actually sitting on a great string library for a month now, I have a couple of projects cooking and I can\'t even install Maestro tools, (running XP) therefore I have been able to do very little in the way of a finalized string track.
    Has EVERY registered been sent one at this date ?

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    Re: eh ? My Updates ?

    Maestro Tomas,

    All the updates have gone out and all registered users should have received their package by now. Please email me and I\'ll send you off another package.


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    Re: eh ? My Updates ?

    I got my library last week. I thought I\'d get the already updated version but it was the \'old\' one. I have registered the day the libray came. I guess I\'ll just wait two more weeks and see if anything arrives here.


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    Re: eh ? My Updates ?

    I too have not seen anything resembling an update in the mail. I suppose I should email Gary as well? [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: eh ? My Updates ?

    GAH! Memo to self, when changing mailing addresses, be sure to let Gary know. Seems my update went to a shipping address that I gave Gary when I purchased...an address I no longer use. *whack*


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    Re: eh ? My Updates ?

    Got my update today and its wonderful, but I can´t get Maestro Tools to open. When I enter my name & serial its says: \"Authoriation Failed - Exiting\".
    Im using the serial on the sticker from the manual. Thats the only one I can find.
    Or do I need another one?
    Later: Got a new serial - now it works :-)

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