Hey Guys,

So I just bought VSL. I also bought Kontact because it is a significantly better sampler than Giga (vsti, sound manipulation, the works.) Even despite the lack of layers.

Fine, but I still need to convert the samples. So, I used Translator and started to convert them. Translator converted about 95%, which still leaves 5% for me to do via Kontact one at a time. Not great, but ok.

But then, when I load up some of the converted samples into contact, once in a while, Kontact dies. not all the time, just occasionally, but always on the same sample.

So- the $65000 question is how do I get VSL into Kontact, because if I can\'t I need to switch to giga and I don\'t want to do that. But I need to do something because VSL is sitting on my living room floor in a box - unused - because none of the piece want to play well with others.