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Topic: Cannot record alternate samples in MIDI

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    Cannot record alternate samples in MIDI

    hi Gary!
    Thanx for answering so quick!
    I installed now Maestro on my WIN 2000, it is not working properly:

    In Cubase VST (latest version) I cannot record the alternate notes (MIDI), although I see and hear them in GIGASTUDIO 160 (latest version, not beta release!).
    Even on note 60, pressing about every 6 times the same note, a phasing appears, but just once. then normal again... and so on.
    Everythng is working fine - except Maestro! Please help me!

    Or anyone out there an idea?

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    Re: Cannot record alternate samples in MIDI

    Hi Matt,
    There\'s two approaches you could take. The first would be to use GS160, Maestro, and Cubase as you have been - MaestroTools has 4 ports and uses all 16 channels for each port, so you should be able to use Gigastudio and Maestro without any problems at the same time. Maestro is designed to be as close to zero latency as possible, so performance should be fine too.
    There\'s another option you might like to use, if for any reason you either can\'t or don\'t want to run Maestro during sequencer playback. For support reasons, the manual only describes configuring Maestro to run (in the midi chain) between the sequencer and Gigastudio, but there is another configuration you can use. This other configuration is to run Maestro before your sequencer - what this means is that Maestro would take midi input from your playing on the keyboard (or wind controller, etc) and output midi to your sequencer. This would allow you to record the Maestro midi changes in your sequencer if you want to. To set this up:
    -In Gigastudio, set all hardware/midi routing inputs to \"none\".
    -In Cubase, output all your midi tracks to the Nemesys MidiOuts. Also enable Cubase to accept input from the Marble Midi inputs if these are disabled.
    -In Maestro, choose your computer\'s midi interface ports for Maestro\'s midi inputs.

    I think this should give you some options to find a solution that works for you. Either way should be fine, although I suggest running Maestro during sequencer playback. Best-

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    Re: Cannot record alternate samples in MIDI

    Ah one thing I forgot to mention. I described using the release version of Maestro, which supports both Win9x/Me and WinXp/2000 now. The only problem is it is on the GOS update cds which I doubt you have quite yet. You should be able to get it a little earlier if you email Gary - I suggest this because in your case the new version will give you an easier configuration.

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