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Topic: Missing articulations...

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    Missing articulations...

    Is there not a spiccato and staccato for the 1st vlns? Or can I just not find it for some reason?

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    Re: Missing articulations...


    In the interests of using the limited original recording session time to best advantage, decisions were made about the distribution of articulations in each of the sections. In the case of the violins, it’s probably best to think of the articulations available in the 1st and 2nd violins as a single pool of resources for violin short bow techniques. Also, don’t take the naming conventions too literally – use the names as a means of differentiating between and keeping track of the different short bows. During development, there was some discussion about not giving them specific articulation names at all, instead naming them short bow 1, short bow 2, etc. In the end, Gary decided that names were a convenience to the user, even if those names were rather imprecise. Use your ears to decide which ones work best for any given situation.


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