About 5 months ago I complained to Nemesys tech support about a bug in Gigastudio 96 which has the following attibutes: When first opening the program, the performance loads very, very slowly and after loading there is a click in the sound periodically, about every 3 minutes. This bug will only occur with very large perforamance banks, the bank I am using has about 300 MB of data.

The \"workaround\" is to reload the entire performance again (the whole procedure takes about 15 minutes just to load a bank. Nemesys advertising claim sounds load in \"seconds\". Nememsys has confirmed this bug is in their software and is not due to my system, incompetence, negligence, etc.

I have been told for several months that the programmers are working hard on resolving this issue, but much to my disappointment, the newest version, 2.01.36 does not resolve it. The bug isn\'t even mentioned in the readme file!

I am really annoyed with Nemesys. I spent about $40 on phone calls because of their mistake and I am coming to believe that they are not going to repair this bug. I may have to dump the software and get another hardware-based sampler. The real bummer is that I bought a string library specifically for the Gigastudio that cost $1500 (the Miroslav Strings).

I know the saying \"Buyer Beware\" and I guess it is true. I trusted Nemesys would make good on their word but, so far at least, (5 months) they seemed quite unconcerned that their software doesn\'t work correctly with large performances. And the whole reason I bought it was because of the advertised \"No 128 MB limit!\"

I\'ve run an electronic music studio for 16 years now and have never had to deal with a company like Nemesys. Most of my dealings with software companies involving bugs have been positive, and fixes appear within a month or so of confirming the bug is in the software.

I have definitely soured on them, and for very good reasons.

Jerry Gerber http://www.jerrygerber.com