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Topic: Garritan's new flash intro

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    Garritan\'s new flash intro

    Very beautiful!!

    Might I suggest bumping up the audio bit rate?
    I understand the need for speed but the bit rate is a tad poor. As an example, all of the flash audio on our site is @ 64k. www.audiovisionsonline.com

    Just a suggestion.

    PS. Setting the audio to STREAM via flash/mp3 compression will speed up download times.


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    Re: Garritan\'s new flash intro

    I agree, after all GOS is sold on the strength of how it sounds... so why compromise the first thing people hear?

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    Re: Garritan\'s new flash intro

    Hi Maestros Francis & Tokyo Joe

    Here\'s a link to an intro at 64Kbs Stereo.


    The current intro is 20Kbps Stereo and the file size of the intro is 188Kb. If we go to 64Kbps the file size more than doubles to 383Kb.

    My concern is that having an intro greater than 200kb would be too large for people with slower internet connections (dial-up). What do you think?

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    Re: Garritan\'s new flash intro


    It sounds SO MUCH better :-) It really does.

    The reason for the large file size is also due to the number of Jpegs that you\'ve used in the Flash file. But without building it again, I\'m not sure there\'s much you can do.

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    Re: Garritan\'s new flash intro

    Ahhhhh... much better.

    Yes, I too have been fighting the battle between
    quality and speed. Catch 22!

    Jpg\'s Bitmaps and GIF files are real speed killers
    within flash. For example: A 50k picture could take up to 15 seconds to stream at a 56K dial up.

    My suggestion would be to have an index page that
    welcomes the visitor to the site and allows them to CHOOSE their bandwidth. Then dump the user to a HIGH Speed or DIAL UP intro.

    Hope that helps

    Also... is the intro LOADER a true loader or a cartoon? (so to speak) A real loader in flash will
    display any text and/or welcome messages while it loads up the multimedia movie.

    Example: If you swf movie takes 15 seconds to load in full...the loader wil say \"welcome...site loading...please wait) and then at 15 seconds the movie will play.

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