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Topic: Angel Soundtracks?

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    Angel Soundtracks?

    Hi. I was wondering if there have been any soundtrack releases of the music for Angel. I\'ve been able to find the main theme, but none of the underscoring for the episodes. If there hasn\'t been any, that would be something that I would be very intersted in. Anyone else agree?


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    Re: Angel Soundtracks?

    Hi Jonathan,

    There has been lots of interest and many requests from fans for an Angel soundtrack album. At one point there were three record labels really wanting to produce the album. However, 20th Century Fox has been reluctant to release the music for an album. They own the music so we can\'t release anything without their permission.

    In the next few months you\'ll be able to hear alternate cues that didn\'t go to air on cityofangel.com and buffydownunder.com
    You might find these interesting as often I prefer these original cues as opposed to the versions that the director chose in the final cut of the episode(s).

    There is also a large forum on \"The music of Angel\" at Buffydownunder.com if you want to check it out (very informal!!).

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    Re: Angel Soundtracks?

    Thanks Robert. If there is ever a soundtrack relese, I\'d be very intersted in it.

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    Re: Angel Soundtracks?

    And it is on tonight, so check it out: me for the first time....I think.

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