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Topic: Are your Cellos Too Lazy?

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    Are your Cellos Too Lazy?

    Are you cellos getting you down? Too slow? Languid? Lamenting?

    Here’s a tweak to speed up these players and take ‘em off the Valium.
    Especially useful for 8th and 16th note phrases.

    Just make sure to use the Sustain Pedal with Maestro Tools. (as always)


    EG1/LFO1 Tab

    Set Attack to 0.03
    Decay to .005
    Release to 0.2

    Then apply EG to 1) Entire Region and 2) Similar Regions

    Mix Layer:

    Sample Start Offset to 2000.

    Apply Mix/Layer Save and Exit. Of course, you can apply this to other patches as well. Listen to the changes before saving.

    Note: This Patch sounds best WITHIN a musical context allowing for fast movement w/o sounding late. It might not sound good on its on soloed.

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    Re: Are your Cellos Too Lazy?

    Maestro Mel Tron,

    Excellent tip! This will certainly tighten up the cello performances.

    Ever notice that this can happen with cello players. They can sometimes lag just a little behind everyone else. Now if only we can get the Mel Tron tweak to work with real cellists.

    Thanks for sharing this tip!

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    Re: Are your Cellos Too Lazy?

    Thanks Gary, I am glad you like it. I have also applied this patch or something similar to the other ensembles and it really tightens up the performance, now I can play fast triplets as well and not have to shift eveything forward in time in the sequencer. My NEW Rule of Thumb is that I should be able to play the Strings almost as fast as a piano \'cause in Real Life things are happening at that speed even if the sound is mp or whatever.

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