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Topic: Excellent Angel scoring Robert !!

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    Excellent Angel scoring Robert !!

    Hey Robert,

    After reading the great interview, I started spending (even) more attention to the Angel underscoring. They just aired the episode with the zombie killer cops and I think you\'re doing a GREAT job creating a real tense atmosphere!

    I mean, in about 90% of the cases (read tv scoring) it\'s like \"oh this is supposed to be scary\" or \"ah they tried to create some real action here\", though you don\'t really feel it in your guts. In the remaining 10% of the cases (including your scoring!) you DO feel it in your guts!

    So in my opinion you\'re doing a fantastic job!

    Btw funny how often that haunted choir fall patch thingy from DR2 is used in Buffy/Angel/Charmed I spotted like 3 in Charmed (aired before Angel here) and now again in Angel (when the zombies fall dead (again)).


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    Re: Excellent Angel scoring Robert !!

    Heheh Maarten you always spot these kind of things! You actually inspired me to do a bit of sound editing now, and spend a few months doing it. That way I\'ll get a completely original palette of weird horror sounds, etc!


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    Re: Excellent Angel scoring Robert !!

    Aaaagh its the Zombie Cops episode!!! Things really do let lose in the music in the 4th act of that episode!

    Which country are you in, by the way?

    Thanks for the compliments.

    The choir falling sound I used is from Symphony of Voices in the avante guarde patch.

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    Re: Excellent Angel scoring Robert !!

    Robert I\'m from Holland (The Netherlands, Europe). So now you know how far we\'re behind here, counted in episodes...

    It\'s from SoV, the patch? I once tried to make some soundscape thing by only using DR2 and I thought I used the haunted evil demonic choir patch too... but perhaps I\'m wrong [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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