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Topic: updates

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    Is it necessary to do each update from .26?
    I used the .36 updater and I got a dialog box
    when opening giga that allowed me to choose
    which directories and files I wanted quicksound to look at. I excluded wave files and chose to look only in the gig directory.
    Wave files still appear in my quicksound searches. Do I need to do the updates incrementaly?

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    Re: updates

    The QuickSound Dialogs allow you to limit the disk profiling when quicksound ADDs items to its database. If they are already in there, the dialogs won\'t take them out.

    If you want to remove data from your database, rightmouse click on LocalSampler, select \'Rebuild Database\' and when the dialogs come up, go to \'Advanced\' to limit the drives, directories, and file types to include/exclude. (don\'t worry the data base builds A LOT quicker now)

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