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Topic: Midi plugin

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    Midi plugin

    I have an idea :

    An \"apply\" plugin (for Sonar, [...]) to choose the best bow direction for GOS.

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    Re: Midi plugin

    Maestro SyQuEsT,

    Could you clarify - would the \"apply\" plug-in be similar to CAL programming or the MFX MIDI plug-in format from Cakewalk? This certainly may be doable.

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    Re: Midi plugin

    Yes ... a CAL programming. It chooses the good bow direction for strings. Is it possible ?

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    Re: Midi plugin

    Hi SyQuest,
    I\'d been a little down on CAL scripts since it appeared to be interpreted and it didn\'t support programmer goodies like timers, but I thought it would be worth taking a little time this morning to look into it further.

    CAL is indeed interpreted, so for various reasons it wouldn\'t work well for realtime - there\'d be added latency and jitter. In fact, it appears when I looked at the docs and tried to use it that CAL can\'t be used in realtime anyway, which is probably just as well. EVerything that CAL does happens to a recorded track. So my impression is that CAL could be good for getting bowing variations (up/ down automatic changes) since this kind of thing is fairly hands-off, though MT still has the advantage that you can hear how it sounds as you do it. The legato and mono features I think are things most people would want to use in realtime since hearing legato/mono would usualyly affect how they play.

    MFX is another story, and from a users point of view I think it should be just as easy (or easier) to use then CAL. It can be used real time though, which is a big bonus.
    Also VST is interesting. It\'s hard to say if we\'ll do these since for the most part MaestroTools works fine - MFX/VST would just make configuration easier with sequencers. We\'ll let you know if it happens. Gary has some plans that may make it more likely going forward.

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    Re: Midi plugin

    I don\'t want a real-time midi plugin but a CAL who chooses the right bow direction for an midi item.

    I know that do this in real-time isn\'t possible ;-)

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