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Topic: MIDI Yoke driver under XP...

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    MIDI Yoke driver under XP...

    I am having a problem with the MIDI Yoke driver under Windows XP...

    I installed the driver per the information (in the readme file) that I had received from Gary along with the version of Maestro for XP.

    As soon as I install the MIDI Yoke driver and reboot, both Logic Audio 5.0 and Cubase VST 32 no longer function properly. Sonar seems to still work OK. If I then remove the driver (Control Panel\\Sounds and Devices\\Hardware)and reboot, all is well again.

    2 major symptoms are: 1) when playing either app listed above, the audio is very noisy. Even vastly increasing the audio buffer size (I am using the RME Hammerfall board for audio) the problem still exists. 2) MIDI is very sluggish in either app. Also, it takes 25 seconds to close either app down after exiting the programs. (I am using Emagic\'s Unitor 8 MkII with their serial driver and also have the Yamaha MIDI USB driver for my Motif 8 installed.)

    I had run across this several weeks back after installing all my apps under Windows XP. I spent several days going around to try and figure out what was going on. I finally gave up and did a second fresh install of Windows XP again. This time I kept a log of everything that I installed while checking out all apps VERY carefully before proceeding to the next step.

    Is there another app that I can use other than MIDI Yoke that has been tested? I cannot use Maestro due to this. (Can I use something like Hubi\'s?) Or is there a fix for this?



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    Re: MIDI Yoke driver under XP...

    It should work fine. During installation, you can ignore the dire warnings about the unsigned driver. I\'m always amused by the paranoia the newer Microsoft OS\'s show when installing an unsigned driver (like SFVMR). SF I\'m sure wrote this driver before Microsoft came up with the certification idea. Anyway, it\'ll work fine on XP or 2000 (and also NT4).

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    Re: MIDI Yoke driver under XP...


    Thanks again for the reply...

    Unfortunately, the SF virtual driver did not work out either. Both Logic Audio and Cubase VST32 initially seemed to work OK. However, the MIDI interface setup software (Emagic\'s Unitor \'Unitor8 Control\') completely hangs up when trying to scan anything. I have both a Emagic Unitor 8 MkII and an AMT in series off the PC serial port.

    I may re-install it later. I do want to work with Maestro XP sometime soon. I did not have a chance to try it out. Time permitting, maybe in the next couple of days. I\'ll keep you posted.



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    Re: MIDI Yoke driver under XP...

    Sorry you\'ve had all this trouble. I mentioned midi-yoke for NT/XP since it\'s the only free solution, and therefore anyone can use it. However, it\'s got some problems and the writer plans to do a complete rewrite when he gets some spare time.
    The midi virtual patch driver that I would highly recommend for right now is Sonic Foundr\'y SFVMR (sonic foundry virtual midi router). It works very well for me and I\'m not aware of any problems. In a sense it is free if you already own a Sonic Foundry product. The only thing I\'m not sure of is if the very low end versions of their software products are eligible for you to download SFVMR. SF lets you download it from their web page: http://www.sonicfoundry.com/download/step2.asp?DID=317

    To help you decide if you\'re able to download it, I\'ll quote from the next download page they use for confirmation...

    To download the Virtual MIDI Router, enter your ACID, Vegas, or Sound Forge serial number below. Find the serial number on the inside front cover of your manual, or in the confirmation email that came with your downloadable product.

    Though this isn\'t helpful at this moment, the next Maestro update will have the driver support built-in.

    [This message has been edited by Jeff Hurchalla (edited 04-03-2002).]

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    Re: MIDI Yoke driver under XP...

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Jeff Hurchalla:
    [B]Sorry you\'ve had all this trouble. I mentioned midi-yoke for NT/XP since it\'s the only free solution, and therefore anyone can use it.


    Thanks for the info...

    Per your suggestion, I will use Sonic Foundry\'s SFVMR driver. I do have SF 5.0 and will try to load it from the CD.

    It is listed as a Windows 2000 driver. I take it that it will work under XP.


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