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Topic: Idea for reporting bugs and wishes.

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    Idea for reporting bugs and wishes.

    From my years as an Emagic beta-tester I learned a good way of reporting bugs and wishes.Remember Nemesys probably receives hundreds og mails each day...

    1)Write the bug or wish in the header - then the Nemesys guys can quickly find out if the bug/wish is already reported.

    2) Write ONLY ONE wish or bug at a time.

    Hope this will be a help in getting a good communication with Nemesys.


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    Re: Idea for reporting bugs and wishes.

    I know that on the egroups Giga-list (today belonging to Yahoo) one Nemesys member is a member of the list. Just look at the first few mails and you know who it is. Maybe this list is a good place for exchanging those kind of things.


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