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Topic: Can't get enough GOS/DD demos?

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    Can\'t get enough GOS/DD demos?

    I hope you can check out my giga demos at

    Compositional feedback is welcome but I\'m looking more for opinions on EQ, reverb, and placement of sections.

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    Re: Can\'t get enough GOS/DD demos?

    Hey bro, your demos are excellent. The orchestral hits that you do are very nicely balanced. My preference is a big hall, not as extreme as Thomas, but close, because of the realism you can create with a virtual orchestra. It\'s slightly cheating, because it does a good job muffling flaws on sample libraries to an extent, if that makes any sense. No reverb is toast with no butter.

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    Re: Can\'t get enough GOS/DD demos?

    hmmm site is down....

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Can\'t get enough GOS/DD demos?

    Yeah, Geocities does that sometimes (same with Tripod, blah blah blah, etc.).

    I couldn\'t get to it earlier, but it\'s working now. In the middle of downloading the last .mp3 (darn you, 56k!).

    Anyway, really nice use of Dan Dean Solo Brass. Think I\'m gonna go ahead and buy that solo french horn a.s.a.p... unless someone manages to talk me out of it somehow. Kinda need a non-vib trumpet, too... hmmm. =P

    Specifically listening to \"gigademo1.mp3\", I think the closeness, reverb and so on is right on the mark for the piece. The brass has the sound I\'m goin\' for at the moment... close, but not annoyingly so.

    Just the other day, I asked if Dan Dean\'s solo brass could get me the close and clean sound from tracks like \"Belly of the Steel Beast\" from The Last Crusade (think it\'s track 10... not really sure, though). You just showed me it can.

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    Re: Can\'t get enough GOS/DD demos?

    Timzee I FINALLY got in to check out a couple of songs (some still had geocity problems for me)

    Great stuff

    I really dont want to get rid of my 1680 jsut because I love the reverbs and I know them so well now....

    I\'m starting to make impulses of them jsut in case I ever get rid of it. I\'m gonna look into the Roland out board Reverb unit. Even tho I love convolution, I really like the roland verb they have dont have an overbarign character like most convolution impulses available.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Can\'t get enough GOS/DD demos?

    Excellent demos. I really like the sound of the Roland reverb your using. You have great balance between the sections and the reverb amount is good without being muddy.

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    Re: Can\'t get enough GOS/DD demos?

    Hey King. Look like you just hit 1000! Congratulations.

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    Re: Can\'t get enough GOS/DD demos?

    hmmm maybe I should go get a life now

    Do I get a cookie?!?

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Can\'t get enough GOS/DD demos?

    Great stuff Timzy! How about post longer demos though?
    Sounds great!

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    Re: Can\'t get enough GOS/DD demos?


    great music .your eq and reverb sounds nice.
    btw,what is the string patch from gos was used in 24 sec to 29 sec of gigademo2?
    thanx and congratulations for your work.

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