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Topic: I've listened to the demos...

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    I\'ve listened to the demos...


    I\'m new to gigasampler, and looking for a good orchestral library. Advanced Orchestra seemed the proper choice for me, but after hearing Garritan\'s library...

    It\'s too bad that it\'s so expensive, and the only thing you\'ll get is strings!

    Will there be a lighter edition available?

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    Re: I\'ve listened to the demos...

    I think you need to examine the price of other string libraries before making this statement. The Miroslav Vitous String Ensemble is a 1-2 disk set for $1595! Gary\'s are definitely value priced! Plus you get free updates as an owner. No other company sample company does that. If you\'re serious about your music sounding lifelike and professional, this is the set. If you look at what\'s offered, you\'ll find there are things on this series that are NOT in any other set, including the string effects, muted strings, the excellent pizzicatos, and two different sets of harmonics. Overall, I agree with the reviews: ***** (5 stars all the way).

    Peter Alexander

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    Re: I\'ve listened to the demos...

    You\'re right, that is absolutely value for your money.

    The Garritan Orchestral Strings librariry is very large, does this mean it requires a very fast computer? I use a Athlon 900 Mhz, KT7Raid motherboard (I will buy a better one, this one is not very compatible with my soundcard), 512 mb ram, Midiman Audiophile24/96, I\'m not sure what kind of hard drive, but the former owner multitracked on this HD, it could handle 16 stereo audiotracks at once.

    Is this librairy too heavy for my setup?

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    Re: I\'ve listened to the demos...

    I think the machine should be ok if your harddisks are fast enough. Installing more memory (to 1 Gb) is probably a cheap and useful upgrade. If you use EXP programs (i.e., using crossfades) in all 5 groups, your machine will probably nearly hit the max polyphony. If making music with sample libraries is your job, you will soon want a dedicated GOS machine.



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    Re: I\'ve listened to the demos...

    Thank you, PeterRoos.

    Klinkt Nederlands, trouwens. (never mind if you can\'t read this, your name has a dutch ring).

    What are crossfades exactly for? Could you give an example? I\'m not a Gigastudio user yet.

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    Re: I\'ve listened to the demos...

    Yep, I\'m Dutch! Very Nederlands, so to speak...

    Crossfades in Gos are made with the Mod wheel, to gradually switch from p to mf to f, etc. This means that you are mixing several samples while you move the wheel. This \"uses\" a significant amount of the total available polyphony (96 or 160 in GigaStudio). A single stereo program can use 8-12 voices this way (depending on how many different \"layers\" are involved in the crossfade). If you do this from your sequencer for Basses, Celli, Viola, and Violins 1 + 2, to get a realistic and dynamic performance you will get close to the maximum number of voices available.



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    Re: I\'ve listened to the demos...

    Crossfading... I figured it was something like that... very cool, but naturally very channel-consuming.

    Strange, to talk to a Dutchman in English. There are a lot of Dutch people using Gigastudio! For instance, I talked to the guy who did the score for \"Tijmens Plot\" a couple of times, what was his name again?

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    Re: I\'ve listened to the demos...

    apeiron, I dont know the main composer on the film, but Maarten who also writes on these boards, was onboard the project as the 2nd composer AFAIK!

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    Re: I\'ve listened to the demos...

    Aha, that\'s his name: Maarten Spruyt. That\'s cool.

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    Re: I\'ve listened to the demos...

    Hey apeirOn,

    Check out Maasten\'s site: http://www.maartenspruijt.com

    And as part of a Nothern Sounds Forum crash course, also check out Thomas_J\'s site: http://home.online.no/~finjaco/

    And, now I can\'t stop anymore, Simon\'s: http://www.melomaniac.dk (MP3 - demos - GosDemos)

    Damon\'s: http://damonbbradley.tripod.com/damonbradley/



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