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Topic: A test of "more vibrato"

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    A test of \"more vibrato\"

    I was fooling around with some Tweaks in teh GSEditor to get mroe vibrato from the Sustain vibrato instruments.

    I sent out an Email to see what people thought and the vote is pretty much split, some people liked it, some people didn\'t some people didn\'t respond

    What do you think?

    The file is Allviolins tweaks

    First is a melody played 8va with the standard WARM AllViolins SusV patch (some EQ and reverb)

    Then is the same medody with the editor tweaks (which required even more GPC control....but doesnt need to be that way)

    Anyhow, opinions are welcome.

    I think they may work well used in context with other sections/instruments, but solo\'d for very long may become annoying.. not really sure tho. If you are \"listening for it\" it may very well pass.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: A test of \"more vibrato\"

    Overall, I don\'t like them as much.

    BUT, when the new ones played there was a quality I liked about them. However, the longer it played the more \'wobley\' the vibrato effect had on the sound. It was because they are solo\'d and stand out.

    I defintely think the new sound would need to be with other instruments as is.

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    Re: A test of \"more vibrato\"

    Hey King,

    On the Cellotweak mp3, what did you tweak out? Whatever you did sounds damn good. What exactly did you do on those?

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    Re: A test of \"more vibrato\"

    I coped and pasted this from the main forum Damon I should add that this is played without any CC controls, just okunking away on the keys

    I think the releases are too long and have since tweaked a little more,...then GS crashed and I lost the work... but oh well

    All I did was take an EXP instrument, set all the layers to play simultaneously with no Attenuation controlled by the Mod Wheel

    Then Set different attack and release and decay envelopes to all the layers. In a sense creating a pre configured EXP fade.

    doing this allows for some crazy EXP fades, like fading to Forte before MF givin a SFZ/Arco sound to the instruments.

    Prett cool idea for some updates..... Tom? hehhehheh he\'s gonna kill me

    Really...I am an Idiot

    Really...I am an Idiot

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