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Topic: Update 2.001.036

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    Update 2.001.036

    Just noticed it on the NemeSys site...

    28. 2.01.27 - Increased Audio Compatibility (Tascam 822 w/ 2nd sound card)
    (Soundblaster AudioPCI\'s new drivers)

    28. 2.01.28 - Added QuickSound Control of File Monitoring

    29. 2.01.29 - SConverter didn\'t convert all waves to a stereo gig
    in a program of the QUpArts\' \"Heavy Hitters volume 1\"
    disk due to an unexpected naming convention.

    30. 2.01.31 - Added QuickSound Configuration Dialogs.
    - Fixed QuickSound\'s increasingly long database
    build time as the database grows larger.

    31. 2.01.32 - Added ability for QuickSound to Include/Exclude
    directories in its profiling and refreshing.

    32. 2.01.33 - Fixed \'File Properties Editing\' error in Chunk Code.

    33. 2.01.34 - Fixed QuickSound \'Local\' Config Setting
    - Fixed QuickSound List so Drives update display
    (not just directories)
    - Fixed QuickSound Tree so LocalSamper updates
    immediately after a a rebuild
    - Added \'Rebuild\' and \'Refresh\' to QuickSound Context menu

    34. 2.01.36 - File Monitoring Fixes (introduced in 2.01.28)

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    Re: Update 2.001.036

    where is this update? i have been all over their site and can\'t find it.


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    Re: Update 2.001.036

    Just in case sb. is interested:
    I know somebody from Germany who talked to somebaody from Nemesys at NAMM who said that competition (Emagic & Steinberg) is a good thing and expects anew Giga-version the end of the year...


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    Re: Update 2.001.036

    > where is this update

    From the NemeSys home page, choose \"Version Updates\" from the drop down list at the top.

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