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Topic: How to make key switching ib GStEdit?

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    How to make key switching ib GStEdit?

    How this actually works? Can someone please
    give me some advice?For exammple, in Quantum Leap Brass i\'d like to make key switching
    between different sounds, shakes, falls and rips etc.!

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    Re: How to make key switching ib GStEdit?

    I put a tutorial on this up on www.nemesysmusic.com/support/tutorials.html

    This is the first (and only tutorial) on this page, but more will follow. If you have a request for other tutorials, there is a link to make requests.

    Hope that helps,

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    Re: How to make key switching ib GStEdit?

    Dear Bert:

    Great idea for getting info out to the masses. Thanks,

    Steve McNamara

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    Re: How to make key switching ib GStEdit?

    Hi Bert,
    Yes It\'s very good tutorial indeed, but what
    I need is som e advice how to make it completed GIGS,for example, GIGS in Quantum Brass ? How to do with crossfade editor or
    merging/combine GIGS? Some tutorials on crossfade editing and how properly combine
    GIGS would be very nice too!! One example:
    I tried to combine QLB SopranoSax Sus with SSax Falls, so that I will control Falls with Mod Wheel. I t didn\'t work, falls were layered with SSax Sustain!! Is it something
    to do with that SSax Falls include velocity
    layers ?

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    Re: How to make key switching ib GStEdit?

    I was looking for help on key-switching as well and though I appreciate the tutorial offered, I don\'t think it was what I was looking for. I have a string library and combined two of the violin keys (arco and staccato) and created a new one--fast arco. I want to make the fast arco part of the violin.gig and be able to add a key switch it. Are there any tutorials or advice on this anywhere? I\'ll read bert\'s tutorial again to see if I missed something but I think it was for creating key-switched gigs from scratch.?


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