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Topic: articulation files?

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    articulation files?

    what do i do with them? how are they used? who among you uses them?

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    Re: articulation files?


    There are installation instructions for articulation files at the Garritan Orchestral Strings site (www.gigastrings.com). Go to Support, Articulation File Updates. The page also has a description of what each of the articulation files includes (changes, additions, etc.) Maintenance files are strongly recommended. Others, like the all WARM library variation, depend on how you work and what you prefer.


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    Re: articulation files?

    is there a way to bulk update all the articulation files together?

    what are maintenance files?


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    Re: articulation files?

    \"is there a way to bulk update all the articulation files together?\"

    No. One .art file per .gig file.

    \"what are maintenance files?\"

    Maintenance files contain improvements and fixes for reported problems.


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    Re: articulation files?

    The table of updates on the gigastrings site are headed by Dates of November and December, 2001 respectively. If I took shipment of GOS in January, were the first table of updates (non-WARM related) included, or should I download these?

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    Re: articulation files?


    Yes, yours would have included the updates. Keep an eye out though, because more are on the way (undetermined date).


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