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Topic: Installing Maestro in XP

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    Installing Maestro in XP

    Just received Maestro XP from Gary. However the \"add hardware\" installation procedure does not work. Windows does not see the unzipped file. Does anybody know how this works?
    Thank you.

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    Re: Installing Maestro in XP

    It\'s much easier than that! You don\'t need to go through any Add New Hardware process. That was something that went away a little bit after GOS was released. Anyway, just double click on Maestro.exe. You\'ll have to configure the output (this is something specific to the beta), but I think that\'s described in the readme.txt. .. If it turns out you have the zip, but no readme.txt, send Gary an email and he should be able to forward it.

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    Re: Installing Maestro in XP

    Thanks Jeff.

    I\'ll miss the old \"add hardware\" ritual...

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    Re: Installing Maestro in XP

    It was kind of fun in its own way to use the hardware wizard, but it takes a special sort of person to appreciate it Take care,

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    Re: Installing Maestro in XP

    Maestro Tools for XP !

    How did you get it? How can I get it (even in beta form)?

    I am a registered GOS user, and I have had to stop all my GOS projects because i had to migrate my machine to XP. So any help here is more than welcome....

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    Re: Installing Maestro in XP

    Send an email to Gary - gary@garritan.com and he\'ll take care of you.

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    Re: Installing Maestro in XP


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    Re: Installing Maestro in XP

    I got the Beta from Gary (Thanks Gary )

    I am not clear on the setup for this new version.

    What ports do I use as input ports in GS? The ones selected as output ports in MT ?

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    Re: Installing Maestro in XP

    The setup for this beta is probably different from what you\'re used to. I think if you look at the beta readme.txt, it explains what you need to do differently, and it\'s a lot more detailed than I can do right here. But basically.. you\'ll need to configure all the input ports in GS to <none>. In Maestro, you\'ll need to configure the Midi output ports to be the Nemesys MidiOuts. Hope this helps

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    Re: Installing Maestro in XP

    Hi Eschalit-
    If you\'ve still been using Win98 occasionally, I\'m curious if you\'ve had any more problems with Maestro locking up now and then. I\'d like to know how things have gone- maybe there will be something I can make better.

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