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Topic: Which Sampling Software?

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    Re: Which Sampling Software?

    Why not use your favorite wav editor?

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    Which Sampling Software?

    Hi Giga-forumers,

    What software are people using to actually SAMPLE into gigastudio?

    Any comments on features, prices and experiences would be helpful. I\'ve only been using gigastudio for playback thus far (using native and converted sounds) and want to start sampling custom libraries.

    Robert Kral

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    Re: Which Sampling Software?

    What\'\'s YOUR favorite wav editor???!!

    I\'ll rephrase the question: The only software, aside from Windows 98, that I am running on the PC is Gigastudio. I am coming from a Mac Background and do all my sequencing and audio recording on the Mac.

    I have no sampling/wave editing software for the PC: what are others using to sample, loop, etc into Gigastudio?

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    Re: Which Sampling Software?

    I use Soundforge see www.soundforge.com... I find it an excellent product and always does the trick for me...

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    Re: Which Sampling Software?

    Robert, as a fellow Maccie I would unhesitatingly recommend Wavelab 3.0. In my view it is the best \"sampling/wave editing software\" on either platform and as an extra huge bonus, Phillipe (who\'s work of art Wavelab is) is always on hand to offer tech support over at www.cubase.net forums.

    Good luck,

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    Re: Which Sampling Software?

    I notice when I import wave files from Cool Edit Pro, they dont seem to sound like they are in true sterio in Gigastudio? Anyone know why this is?
    I listened to a drum loop in Cool Edit and it sounded real phat and full, but when I dragged it to the distributed wave on the keyboard in Gigastudio, it sounded real mono.

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    Re: Which Sampling Software?

    Its a bug that Nemesys says they are fixing (actually it may be fixed in 2.2). When you drag Stereo waves into Giga they play in Mono.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Which Sampling Software?

    Brilliant to hear Mr Idiot!!

    I\'d had exactly the same experience of losing the \"edge\" of a sample when going from coolEdit to gigaStudio. I had put it down to attenuation or filtering... but yes that mono thing would explain it.

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    Re: Which Sampling Software?

    My vote is for wavelab.
    It\'s extremely flexible, pretty intuitive considering the number of facilities, and I love the audio montage section.

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    Re: Which Sampling Software?

    Hi KingIdiot....stereo waves play in MONO when brought into Gigasampler?? Wow that is a serious bug indeed. I converted a stack of wav samples from a wav CD and they were mono. They were great sounds and I was surprized that they were only in mono, but considering what you said maybe they originally WERE in stereo.

    Chadwick & Ian Stewart Cairns: I was wondering about wave lab, as I saw it an recent EM mag. Can you tell me more about the uses for the montage feature?

    Is looping done in GS or our favorite wave editors??

    Thanks for all the suggestions.

    [This message has been edited by Robert Kral (edited 01-31-2001).]

    [This message has been edited by Robert Kral (edited 01-31-2001).]

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