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Topic: NAMM GOS Report

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    NAMM GOS Report

    Greetings Maestros,

    What a wonderful NAMM event, and GOS seemed to be the buzz of the show. Below are some of the highlights.

    We began when GOS received Electronic Musician\'s Editor\'s Choice Award on Wednesday night at the EM Awards Presentation. This is the first sample library ever to receive the award, which was such an honor. The GOS String Library was strongly endorsed that same night at the Society of Composers and Lyricists (SCL)meeting in LA.

    The show started off with a bang on Thursday morning. We shared a double booth with Garth from Chicken Systems. Garth did the Akai translation of GOS, which we announced at the show. Dave Govett, GigaGuru of GigaStudio fame, demonstrated GOS at our booth during the show. Dave\'s knowledge of GigaStudio and GOS is incredible. He has a unique playing style and knows the library incredibly well; he sure makes the library sing. Dave was also demonstrating his new tutorial CD for GigaStudio (which is really needed in the Giga community). He also mentioned that he would like to do a tutorial for the GOS library. Mikey Seltzer, from Soundchaser, was at the booth and also equipped us with several of their new GigaDAW TK1. Soundchaser makes a fantastic Giga machine. Tom Hopkins, the programming genius behind GOS, was there to explain the complex programming of the library. At the show, we offered new demos from Jeremy Soule, Simon Ravn, Reinhold Behringer, Matt Bennett, Jim Ortner, Tom Hopkins, and others. I\'ll be posting these soon.

    Members of this forum and fellow Maestros were also present (Haydn, PatS, BMiller, Reinhold, and others--even the great KingIdiot was there!). What a pleasure to meet everyone! For next year’s NAMM, We\'re planning a Northern Sounds GigaForum get-together. Hope to see you there!

    People lined up waiting to hear our strings. Many members of the SCL and the film community stopped by and expressed to us that these were the best strings they had ever heard. Many who already owned the strings conveyed their support and thanks. They even provided many more endorsements to the already growing list (they\'ll be added to the list soon at www.garritan.com/endorsements.html). Thursday night we attended the David Schwartz/Jim McVay annual NAMM dinner and met many giga guys, musicians and film composers. It is truly amazing to see how GigaStudio and GOS have taken the industry by storm.

    Friday morning we attended a Tascam GigaStudio Developers meeting. The meeting was incredible and included announcements of new and amazing features in the works. Of course we cannot discuss the details, but everyone is going to be blown away! Updates of GOS will take advantage of these new features. Tascam prominently displayed the GOS library at their booth as well. Many commented on how the GOS presentation stood out. I had various meetings with some of the brilliant and talented people from Tascam to discuss upcoming features and projects. The future for Giga is looking very bright indeed. Friday night was the Soundchaser Dinner attended by Giga-Developers and Tascam people. Paul, Peter, Scott, and Mikey sure know how to throw a party.

    On Saturday morning we attended the musicplayer.com/EQ/Keyboard/GuitarPlayer breakfast and got a chance to speak with several industry professionals. At the breakfast we won the Special 35th Anniversary Edition MJ Guitar in the drawing. Talk about luck! Should we sample it?

    Saturday afternoon, we had the Press Room for an hour, which was well attended by distinguished members of the music press. Fatman, Dave Govett, Pat, Garth, and I made presentations, and the press was impressed (no pun intended). We had pointed out that the GOS library was user-driven and noted how helpful the members at this Northern Sounds forum were when I was developing the library. Saturday night we had dinner with some of the GOS beta team, discussed our upcoming projects, and just had a good time.

    At the show we announced our Solo String Library, which is in progress. This library will feature Stradivari, Guarneri, mati, Gofriller, Montagnana, Testore, and other fine instruments, and it will include some new technologies for uncanny realism. Several other string libraries were in the offing and rumors of others in the works, but we intend to stay fresh and way ahead of the pack with new updates, innovations and new features.

    Upcoming updates to the library: How about extended-length Grand Détaché instruments and very hard-attack short-bow updates? The amazing KingIdiot made some tweaks and presented this incredible gift to us on Saturday. We will make these variations (along with other surprises) available to all registered users in the next update package.

    The four days were filled with numerous meetings. We formed strategic alliances with various software companies on the cutting edge of music technology. GOS will incorporate some of these new technologies to extend its features. If people were surprised with the current innovations of GOS, wait until they see and hear what we have in store.

    We also discussed workshops with various educational institutions and societies. We’re working on a GOS tour in select cities so that GOS Maestros can learn more about the advanced features, tips, and techniques. We also worked out distribution overseas to make it easy for international customers to receive their personalized GOS libraries.

    I wish I could tell you about the rest of the show, but we were so busy that we couldn\'t see it all. Well, that\'s all for now. We\'ll keep you posted.

    Maestro Gary

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    Re: NAMM GOS Report

    Congrats Gary! Glad to hear the library was a success. I wish I could have been there to meet you in person, oh well maybe next year!


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    Re: NAMM GOS Report

    This sounds great Gary! I wish I could\'ve been there. Also the BRASS/WOODWINDS part of your report sounds VERY interesting!!! I hope you\'ll let me know when you are starting up on this library, since I, like many others I pressume, would like to add my inputs and views on such a library!

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    Re: NAMM GOS Report

    Hi Gary,

    Too bad I wasn\'t there this year. My wife and kids wouldn\'t let me travel by plane right now...

    Yes things look bright for the giga-platform!



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    Re: NAMM GOS Report

    Congrats on all the success, Gary. You and Tom definitely deserve the attention.

    As a GOS fan, I\'m excited to read the teasers in your post, and looking forward to hear what you guys can do with woodwinds and brass.

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    Re: NAMM GOS Report


    This is great news. \")
    Do you have a rough idea when the Woodwind and Brass libraries will be available?



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    Re: NAMM GOS Report

    extended-length Grand Détach instruments and very hard-attack short-bow updates

    Sounds Great!!!!

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    Re: NAMM GOS Report

    Garritan rules!!

    Not much more to say

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    Re: NAMM GOS Report

    Fantastic, Gary! Sorry I missed it. Next year for sure!

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    Re: NAMM GOS Report


    it was a pleasure to meet you at the NAMM!
    And I am very glad about the success of this project. Keep up the great work!


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