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Topic: Where's the Import tool?

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    Where\'s the Import tool?

    Sorry guys...I\'m a GSt newbie (although not about most other related topics)...

    just bought GOS (Gary\'s so nice...) and the manual says use the import tool for multi-disk instruments...

    couldn\'t find it in GSt so I used the brute force method to copy the first 8 GOS disks...but stopped \'cause it seems I should use the import tool...

    pointers very appreciated...?


    (in Seoul w/ little local support)...

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    Re: Where\'s the Import tool?

    Hi Kirk,

    The easiest way is:
    - Create a folder on your harddisk with a good name.
    - Copy all the Gig files from the 16 CD\'s into this folder (about 7.81 Gb on my system).
    - You don\'t need to create subfolders for better organization. The Gig files have good names.

    I don\'t know if an alternative way (\"import\") was planned to copy the Gig files. This seems the most easy and straightforward way to me.

    If you start building \"performance files\" later (combinations of instruments you want to load together), your Gig files will be found by name. So, if you change folder and file names later, you may run into some problems when you use the older performance files. May not be a problem for you now, but is a hint to prepare a good naming convention or style for your folders.

    Success and congratulations,

    Peter Roos

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